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Letters, 12/08/13
08 December 2013
In reply to “A President Who Should ‘Live In Infamy,’” by Justin Raimondo, 12/06/13:
Every year, year after year, we get the same Pearl Harbor column from Justin Raimondo: Dai Nippon was just an idyllic nation of peaceful hippy flower children until mean old FDR “provoked” them into attacking the US.
There are problems with that both coming and going, given that the Japanese had been at aggressive war on the Asian mainland for years prior to Pearl Harbor, and that after Pearl Harbor they didn’t stop at grabbing other American possessions in the Pacific (Wake, the Philippines, Guam) but continued their lunge south all the way to New Guinea, even briefly menacing Australia before being turned back.
It’s easy to agree that WWII wasn’t “the good war” because there’s no such thing. There are even reasonable arguments that it wasn’t a “necessary” war, at least from the standpoint of the United States. But the point of revising history is to confront, not obscure, the truth.
James Mue
Justin Raimondo replies:
I don’t recall writing that the Japanese Empire was being run by Gandhi. What I did write is that the Japanese “peace party,” represented by Prince Konoye, was in the saddle until being ousted as a result of US provocations. There were two factions in the Japanese political class at the time: One that wanted to go East and attack the Soviet Union and one that wanted to take on the Western powers by going South and West. The latter — thanks to FDR’s sanctions and belligerent “diplomacy” — won out.
In reply to “Tyrannosaurus Pentagonus: The Road to Extinction,” by Justin Raimondo, 11/27/13:
This article was right on target as usual, except for one statement you would have a hard time backing up: your off the cuff remark about man having evolved from rodent like mammals. After much research, I have concluded there is no evidence of any trans species evolution.
Most of your readers, like myself, have come to rely on your opinions being backed up by abundant research. You might try Perloff’s “Tornado in a Junkyard” for starters.
Other than that, keep up the good work.
Pat Sellers
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