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Parliament Commission on oil expects rising Iraqi oil exports during the next few years
26/12/2013 10:44:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP of parliamentary Commission on oil and energy, from Kurdistan Alliance, Qassem Mashkati guessed rising Iraqi oil exports in the coming years , explaining that the recent drop in oil exports from the South is temporarily .   ... more>>
Oil Minister announces Iraq oil production exceeded 3.4 million barrels / day
23/12/2013 19:44:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Oil Minister, Abdul Karim Luaibi, announced an increase in Iraq’s oil production to exceed 3.416 million barrels a day. A statement issued on Monday, Dec. 23, by the Ministry of Oil said that Iraq’s oil production by the national   ... more>>
Turkey’s Energy Minister announces oil flows on trial base through Kurdistan-Turkey pipeline
23/12/2013 19:00:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Turkey’s Minister of Energy, Taner Yildiz announced that oil started to flow through the Kurdistan Region – Turkey pipeline on a trial base. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) web site quoted Yildiz on Monday, Dec. 23, saying   ... more>>
Kurdistan Region Minister of Finance, Economy discusses with Turkish delegation means to consolidate economic, finance relations
23/12/2013 18:31:00
Baghdad (NINA) – The Minister of Finance and Economy in Kurdistan Region, Bayiz Talabani, discussed with a delegation from Turkish Zaweh University and Chamber of Commerce of Wan city, means to consolidate economic and financial relations between the   ... more>>
World Bank grants Iraq $ 355 million loan 20/12/2013 21:05:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday auction.18/12/2013 16:06:00
Shahristani discusses with Japanese companies developing electricity capacity in Iraq. 18/12/2013 14:51:00
Oil Expert rules out the impact of increasing Iranian oil exports on Iraq 18/12/2013 11:34:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday auction.17/12/2013 14:58:00
Iraq calls Ukrainian companies to work in Iraq 17/12/2013 13:10:00
MP Calls To Open Commercial Corridors With Neighboring Countries 17/12/2013 10:40:00
Researcher: raise the production ceiling of oil outside OPEC will reflect negatively on the prices of Iraqi oil 15/12/2013 08:54:00
Economic expert criticizes State-owned companies 15/12/2013 08:40:00
Kurdish official point out to an approval by Baghdad to start oil exporting from Kurdistan to Turky. 14/12/2013 14:35:00
Iran pledges to build a gas pipeline to Iraq. 14/12/2013 14:03:00
Kurdistan Region starts pumping oil to Turkey 14/12/2013 13:40:00
Thi-Qar Governor: The province in need of credible foreign companies to execute service projects 14/12/2013 12:12:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Thursday auction.12/12/2013 13:56:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday auction. 11/12/2013 15:06:00
Shahristani, discuses with President of Lukoil developments in West Qurna 2 Oil Field 09/12/2013 19:09:00
Sales off dollar by the CBI rise on Monday auction. 09/12/2013 18:00:00
Iraq and Bulgaria sign agreement on economic cooperation.09/12/2013 17:50:00
Kurdish MP: Kurdistan does not oppose to put oil revenues under U.N supervision 09/12/2013 11:55:00
Basra's governor calls for U.S. companies to invest in the province 08/12/2013 16:40:00
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27/12/2013 10:33:00
Strict security procedures around the sit-in square of Anbar.
26/12/2013 22:45:00
Anbar Governor: Threats come from Anbar desert not sit-in squares
26/12/2013 22:39:00
Gunmen attack a village in Diyala, burn down 3 houses
26/12/2013 22:26:00
Electrical bicycle bomb explodes, 4 Billion Dinars seized in western Anbar
26/12/2013 22:12:00
BREAKING NEWS 3 Mortar shells fired toward Baghdad International Airport
26/12/2013 21:34:00
Civilian killed, 3 wounded in Falluja
26/12/2013 20:58:00
BREAKING NEWS Explosions heard in western Baghdad
26/12/2013 20:49:00
Suicide attack to storm military brigade headquarter in Anbar failed
26/12/2013 20:38:00
Sahwa commander wounded east of Tikrit
26/12/2013 20:24:00
Mutlaq, US Ambassador discuss security, political situation, up coming election
26/12/2013 18:45:00
43 Wanted persons captured in Anbar province
26/12/2013 18:32:00
Four terrorists arrested, east of Anbar.
26/12/2013 18:26:00
BREAKING NEWS. Army seventh division arrest 11 members of al-Qaeda.
26/12/2013 18:16:00
Civil defense officer killed in Wasit.
26/12/2013 18:05:00
/ 30 / elements of al-Qaeda arrested in Anbar desert.
26/12/2013 17:11:00
Shahristani and Barzani agree to export oil by National Company / Sumo /.
26/12/2013 16:58:00
Military operations in Anbar will extend to Salahuddin.
26/12/2013 13:24:00
Two policemen wounded,east of Fallujah.
26/12/2013 13:16:00
7 wanted men arrested in Ramadi, Anbar province
26/12/2013 12:34:00
Policeman, his wife, a former army officer killed in two separate incidents in Mosul
26/12/2013 12:12:00
Urgent...Amir of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, five others arrested in Kirkuk
26/12/2013 11:58:00
An emergency session cannot be held unless 50 MPs request
26/12/2013 11:43:00
Urgent...A regiment commander and four soldiers injured west of Anbar province
26/12/2013 11:38:00
Gunmen, in military uniform, kidnap and kill four civilians in Diyala
26/12/2013 11:37:00
Six police, including officers, killed and wounded in Tikrit
26/12/2013 11:25:00
Nine people killed and wounded in a car bomb and IED explosion in Kirkuk
26/12/2013 11:19:00
One civilian killed, four others wounded in Wasit province
26/12/2013 11:19:00
Associate Director of a polling station injured in an armed attack in Mosul
26/12/2013 10:44:00
Parliament Commission on oil expects rising Iraqi oil exports during the next few years
26/12/2013 10:15:00
Meeting of Technical committees for resolving contentious issues between Baghdad and Arbil will be held after the New Year holiday
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