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Mon / 20 January 2014
MP: Ratifying the budget without the approval of the Kurds' Ministers is a dangerous step
18/01/2014 08:37:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hamid Bafi described the approval of the Council of Ministers on the Federal budget without the approval of the Kurd Ministers a dangerous step for the future of Iraq, as he put it . He said in a sta   ... more>>
Othman: government's ratification of 2014's budget and sent to the parliament is unwise step
16/01/2014 09:15:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman described " ratification of the central government to budget of 2014 and sent to the House of Representatives as (unwise step)" pointing out that" this action will cause   ... more>>
Maliki asks the international community to take a stand towards States sponsor terrorism.
15/01/2014 12:42:00
BAGHDAD / NINA/ Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki demanded the international community to take a stand to states sponsor terrorism . Maliki said in his weekly speech "The international community must take a position towards countries and organizat   ... more>>
Iraq Stocks Exchange
Change %Prev.Current Down
Middle East for Production-1212.45-3.75
Commercial Bank of Iraqi0.880.9-2.27
Babylon Hotel11.2511.5-2.22
Change %Prev.Current Top
Al-Ameen for Insurance2.532.39.09
Al-Ahlyia for Agricultural Producti1.21.145
Ashour Hotel12.2511.754.08
Photo Gallery
19/01/2014 22:53:00
A Source in al- Anbar Provincial Council: The Military Option to Resolve the Situation in Fallujah is Near
19/01/2014 22:07:00
A Security Source Declares the Control of the Security Forces and the Tribes on Most of Neighborhoods in Ramadi
19/01/2014 21:51:00
5 Policemen Killed and Wounded by the Explosion of Two Bombs North of Tikrit
19/01/2014 21:40:00
The Number of Victims of Bombings in Tuz Raises to 27 Killed and Wounded
19/01/2014 21:31:00
Maliki and Nagervan Barzani Discuss the Outstanding Issues Between the Central Government and the Region
19/01/2014 21:16:00
6 Persons Killed and Wounded by a Car Bomb in Kirkuk
19/01/2014 21:07:00
16 Civilians Killed and Wounded by a Car Bomb and an Explosive Device in Tuz
19/01/2014 20:42:00
Nujaifi Asserts that the Arab Nation’s Human Resources are the Highest in Value of Any Other Natural Resources
19/01/2014 19:18:00
Arresting /130 / Wanted People in Wasit
19/01/2014 18:43:00
BOC Calls Upon the Inhabitants of the Capital, not to Believe Rumors by Some Media about the Security of Baghdad
19/01/2014 18:22:00
Baghdad Operations Command Praises the Cooperation of People in al- Topchi With the Security Services in Thwarting the Prisoners’ Attempt to Escape
19/01/2014 17:12:00
Clashes between security forces backed by tribes and armed elements od ISIS erupted in Ramadi
19/01/2014 16:44:00
Mulla : the continuation of duplication and selective in implementing the provisions of the Constitution means the continuation of the bloodshed
19/01/2014 16:22:00
Two soldiers wounded in Mosul
19/01/2014 16:07:00
Three people, accused of narcotic trafficking, arrested in Diwaniyah
19/01/2014 15:10:00
Police in Basra defuse an IED near a bank
19/01/2014 15:09:00
Iraqi Vice President alls for Japanese companies to contribute and to rehabilitate the infrastructure projects in Iraq
19/01/2014 13:23:00
Maliki meets with the local government of Dhi Qar
19/01/2014 13:18:00
Gunmen kill a Mhuktar and wound his son in Mosul
19/01/2014 13:17:00
Army helicopters renew bombardment bombardment areas in Ramadi and Fallujah
19/01/2014 13:07:00
Maliki: Demands of the sitters in Anbar is trick fooled some politicians
19/01/2014 12:28:00
Two gunmen killed northern Baghdad
19/01/2014 12:28:00
Kurdish lawmaker: exporting oil from the Kurdistan region to Turkey is constitutionally
19/01/2014 12:11:00
Ahmed al-Alwani formally accused of terrorist charges
19/01/2014 12:05:00
Curfew imposed in Ramadi
19/01/2014 11:58:00
The main suspect in the bombing of IEDs and sticky bombs in Sharqat district arrested
19/01/2014 11:41:00
Maysan Oil Company: the total number of wells drilled and reclaimed in the Maysan fields in the past year amounted to 70 wells
19/01/2014 11:40:00
Breaking News…..Nechirvan Barzani arrives to Baghdad
19/01/2014 11:05:00
mortar shelling resumed in east and south areas in Fallujah
19/01/2014 10:35:00
Allawi warns the government of failing to run the security file
19/01/2014 09:50:00
KRG delegation, headed by Nichervan Barzani, to visit Baghdad today
19/01/2014 09:39:00
Urgent….Maliki arrives to Nasiriyah
19/01/2014 09:02:00
Five members of Awakening killed in Baquba
19/01/2014 08:56:00
Biden confirms U.S support for Iraq in its war against ISIS
19/01/2014 08:51:00
12 waned arrested in Tikrit
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