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15 Jan 2013 - 21 Sep 2021
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A fetid malarial swamp
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Ryan L. Cooper
Web editor @​washmonthly​, contributor to @​ThePlumLineGS​. Former @​PeaceCorps volunteer.
A fetid malarial swamp ·

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  1. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 9m
    Big surprise, Politico magazine sucks http://www.​​al-a/2014_01/the_clinton_hit_list048599.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+washingtonmonthly%2Frss+%28Political+Animal+at+Washington+Monthly%29 
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  2. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 10m
    "American health care...costs more not because insurers are so powerful, but because they’re so weak." http://www.​​/post/what-liberals-get-wrong-about-single-payer/2014/01/13/5f288636-7c7d-11e3-97d3-b9925ce2c57b_blog.html?wprss=rss_ezra-klein 
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  3. Quinn Norton @​quinnnorton 7h
    This is what the waning days of empire look like. http://www.​​106/00442525768/fbi-admits-its-not-really-about-law-enforcement-any-more-ignores-lots-crimes-to-focus-creating-fake-terror-plots.shtml 
    Retweeted by Ryan L. Cooper
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  4. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 32m
    @bmaz @tnr bwahaha
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  5. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 35m
    Good old @​johngravois​http://www.​​lth-and-behavior/toast-story-latest-artisanal-food-craze-72676/ 
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  6. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 36m
    Hey @​CoryBooker why you risking future presidential ambitions on this Iran sanctions bill? http://www.​​/corey-booker-democratic-senator-support-iran-sanctions 
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  7. Cardiff Garcia @​CardiffGarcia 45m
    We fucked up the interstate highway system by running highways thru cities instead of (as Ike wanted) just betwn them http://​ 
    Retweeted by Ryan L. Cooper
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  8. Danny Vinik @​DannyVinik 1h
    Good @​ryanlcooper piece: What is Corey Booker thinking supporting the Iran bill? http://www.​​/corey-booker-democratic-senator-support-iran-sanctions 
    Retweeted by Ryan L. Cooper
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  9. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 1h
    @​DannyVinik lol didn't realize that had gone up
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  10. John Gravois @​johngravois 1h
    Thx! MT @​edyong209 This piece by @​johngravois starts about toast, and ends as a sublime, moving story abt much more http://​ 
    Retweeted by Ryan L. Cooper
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  11. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 1h
    @​ElisaSDavis Don't have Amex unfortunately, and nope, new Nexus 5
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  12. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 1h
    @​ElisaSDavis don't think so, seems like only Visa business has that sort of coverage
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  13. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    Have newspapers always been written in this jarring, stilted, incoherent style? http://​​istration/195326-presidents-goal-for-nsa-reform-no-more-edward-snowdens 
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  14. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    Congress: the worst http://​​01/14/house-maneuvers-in-bid-to-pass-iran-bill-over-obamas-objections/ 
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  15. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    @​JGreenDC fear, probably justified, that any label would include a gigantic skull and crossbones or something
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  16. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    I got nothing against labeling GMOs, done properly. But lefty paranoia about that stuff is verging on Smithian Derp
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  17. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    Bottom line: “no adverse health effects attributed to genetic engineering have been documented in the human population.”
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  18. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 2h
    Nice roundup of scientific evidence regarding GMO food: http://​​-evidence-on-gmo-safety/ 
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  19. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 3h
    Sigh http://www.​​ia.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FbRuz+%28Eschaton%29 
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  20. Ryan L. Cooper @​ryanlcooper 3h
    WTF http://​​-to-jersey?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Talking-Points-Memo+%28Talking+Points+Memo%3A+by+Joshua+Micah+Marshall%29 
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