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Letters, 01/12/14
12 January 2014
In reply to “When Will They Ever Learn? The American People and Support for War,” by Lawrence Wittner, 01/10/14:
The cost of war is the immediate cause for Americans’ resistance to continuing wars orchestrated by the military/industrial complex. The deeper, primary reason for their embracing and supporting military aggression against third world countries is their profound ignorance of world affairs.
The mandatory two year minimum study of world history, from high school through graduation from college, was eliminated by liberal Democrat bureaucrats in the Federal Department of Education when Lyndon Johnson was President. An ignorant public is easily led by the nose into wars. Wars which destroy lives, while enriching the psychopathic war-profiteers.
The war-mongers who peddle fear and lies, to pursue “the endless war on terror,” are well-aware that they dealing with a clueless American public. The clues are transparent to those who have not been deprived of the study of history: war means wealth for those who orchestrate killing human beings.
[editor's note: There was no federal Department of Education when Lyndon Johnson was president. The DoE was established during Jimmy Carter's administration - TLK]
In reply to “The Fight of Our Lives,” by Justin Raimondo, 01/06/14:
About fascism coming to America. Are you sure it’s fascism? What I know about fascism is — it wasn’t too big on illegal immigration; it didn’t destroy the industrial base of the countries that fell under its allure. I’m almost sure there are many other differences that can be found. I think we are in the fight of our lives but it’s not against fascism.
JJ Whalen
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