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14 May 2013 - 27 Jan 2022
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Getting Started
Create a Google account.
Find a channel and subscribe
Sign in, then browse channels you might like
Find a channel you like, then click Subscribe
When you’re subscribed to a channel, you’ll get updates on your YouTube homepage every time that channel uploads a new video
What's a channel?
When someone uploads a YouTube video, it goes onto their channel. Channels are like public profiles where you can see all the videos somebody has uploaded. Here's an example.
Save videos you like to watch later
Add videos you like to Playlists so it's easier to find them later from any device where you use YouTube
The Watch Later playlist makes it easy to find videos you want to save and view later:
Hover your cursor over the thumbnail of a video, like the one below, and click the clock icon to automatically add the video to your Watch Later list.
On a video page, click the clock icon in the player to add the video to Watch Later. The list will then appear to the right of the YouTube player.
When a video is already added to Watch Later or has been successfully added to Watch Later, the clock icon will be replaced by a green checkmark
To access your Watch Later list, click on Watch Later in your Guide on the left side of the page.
Make your own channel
A channel gives you a public profile on YouTube, and lets you comment on videos, save videos to playlists, and more. Without a channel, you can only subscribe and like or dislike videos.
Create a channel
Upload a video
Upload a video from your computer.
Upload from your phone using the Android app or YouTube Capture on iOS.
Learn More
Visit the Help Center to learn more about how to use YouTube.
Here are some channel suggestions so you can start watching now:
Official YouTube Channel
YouTube Help
YouTube Creators
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