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Egypt authorities arrest 11 Brotherhood members
Egyptian authorities arrested 11 Muslim Brotherhood members on Sunday in clashes that erupted in Giza, the interior ministry said.   Read More
Rights group denounces arrest of 23 children on Saturday
The Egyptian Coalition for Children’s Rights denounced on Sunday the arrest of children in Saturday’s demonstrations.   Read More
Rights groups: 36 violations against journalists on Jan 25
Two Egypt-based rights organisations condemned on Sunday the violations that journalists underwent on Saturday during their coverage of the January 25 celebrations of the uprising's third anniversary.   Read More
WRAPUP | Egypt calls early presidential election as violence spreads
Egypt will hold a presidential vote before parliamentary polls, President Adly Mansour said on Sunday, in a change to a political roadmap which could pave the way for the swift election of army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.   Read More
Libya, Egypt in talks over Tripoli diplomat hostages
Libya's government was in talks on Sunday with Egypt to resolve a hostage crisis after gunmen kidnapped five Egyptian diplomats in Tripoli in retaliation for Egypt's arrest of a top Libyan militia commander.   Read More
Egypt, reneging on roadmap, to start elections with presidential vote
Egypt will hold a presidential vote before electing parliament, President Adly Mansour said on Sunday, reneging on a roadmap and increasing the likelihood that army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be elected as head of state within months.   Read More
BREAKING | Egypt's presidential elections to be held first
Egypt's Interim President Adli Mansour announced on Sunday that the roadmap set forth by the army in July will be amended to allow for the presidential elections come before the parliamentary elections.   Read More
UPDATE 2 - Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai as protest toll rises to 49
Gunmen killed three Egyptian soldiers in an attack on a bus in the Sinai Peninsula on Sunday, the military said, prompting the army to threaten to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood, which it blames for much of Egypt's political violence.   Read More
Four conscripts dead, nine injured in armed attack in Sinai
Four conscripts were killed and nine were injured in an armed attack by unknown assailants in Sinai on Sunday.   Read More
Student injured in Cairo University clashes last week dies
A law student who had been in coma for a week following campus clashes died Saturday.   Read More
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Egyptian liberal finds enemies on all sides
Amr Hamzawy's liberal politics put him on the wrong side of the Islamists who rose to power after the 2011 uprising. Now his criticism of the army-backed order that replaced them is generating new enemies.   Read More

Egypt's divisions smoulder on anniversary of anti-Mubarak revolt
Security forces fired into the air to disperse anti-government protesters on Saturday as thousands rallied in support of the army-led authorities, underlining Egypt's volatile political fissures three years after the fall of autocrat Hosni Mubarak.   Read More

INTERVIEW | Demoted Egyptian editor bemoans lack of press freedom
Journalist Abdelnasser Salama had high hopes for press freedom when Egyptians took to the streets and ended the 30-year rule of president Hosni Mubarak.   Read More

EXCLUSIVE l With Muslim Brotherhood crushed, Egypt sets sights on Hamas
After crushing the Muslim Brotherhood at home, Egypt's military rulers plan to undermine the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which runs the neighbouring Gaza Strip, senior Egyptian security officials told Reuters.   Read More

Protesters, filmmaker traverse Egypt's transition in 'The Square'
Three years after Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim waded into Cairo's Tahrir Square to document the early rumblings of revolution, the army governs Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is back underground and protesters are on trial.   Read More

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Egypt, reneging on roadmap, to start elections with presidential vote
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