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FACTBOX | Living costs and income of Egyptians in 2012-2013
Sunday, December 15, 2013 5:41 PM

Residents of Cairo stand in line to get bread on October 4, 2012. Reuters/Mohamed Abdel Ghany

-  The average rate for poverty line in Egypt equals 3920 pounds per year or 326.7 pounds per month. Poverty line is the estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life.

-  An Egyptian family spends around 26.161 pounds annually, the monthly expenditure ranges around 2180.2 pounds. (Note: Urban governorates are more likely to spend than the rural ones)

-  Households that spend less than 10 thousand pounds annually are estimated at 5.6 percent, while households that spend from 25 to 30 thousand pounds annually amount to 23.6 percent.

-  Most households’ expenditure goes on food and drinking at a 37.6 percent, while the spending on entertainment and culture is only up to two percent. Spending on communications (phone calls and internet) amounts to 2.3 percent annually which equals 597.9 pounds.

-  The average of annual spending on education levels at around 2518.9 pounds, up to 9.6 percent. In urban areas the spending reaches 3771 pounds while in rural areas it is up to 1575 pounds.

-  The average gross annual income of a family ranges around 30.5 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Source: A field research by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), which monitored the aspects of income, expenditure and consumption of Egyptian families for the fiscal year 2012-2013.
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