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Latest developments in Egypt's constitutional referendum
Saturday, December 15, 2012 10:41 AM
A Muslim man reads the Koran (R) as he stands in line with a Coptic Christian wearing a cross (L) while queuing outside a polling centre to vote during a referendum on the new constitution of Egypt in Cairo December 15, 2012. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dals
Egyptians began casting their votes on Saturday in the referendum on the country's new constitution.

Below are the latest developments:

. President Mohamed Mursi voted at a Heliopolis polling station on Saturday morning.
. The turnout is average at some polling stations while high at others.
. Police and army forces are present to secure polling stations.
. A calm atmosphere generally prevailed at polling stations.

. Most polling stations have opened.
. Turnout is only average due to the low temperature.
. Some polling stations are yet to open due to the tardiness of the judges or staff supervising them.

. Some polling stations have not yet opened as the judges supervising them are yet to arrive, despite the high turnout of voters.
. Some polling stations received long queues of Salafis (ultraconservatives) and Muslim Brotherhood members.

. There was a delay in the opening of some polling stations as staff members arrived late.
. Assiut Governor voted this morning, insisting to stand in the queue to wait his turn.
. Some polling stations saw long queues at the early hours of Saturday.
. Low turnout at polling stations during the first hours of the vote.
. Some polling stations opened late.
. Women wearing full-body veils (niqab) tried to convince other voters to vote "yes" at one polling station, an eyewitness said.
. Some opponents of the draft constitution were seen distributing flyers that describe the controversial charter as the "constitution to divide Egypt."

North Sinai:
. Low turnout in Arish – at a number of polling stations.
. The judges – who are supposed to monitor the polls – arrived late at a number of polling stations.  
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