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Masr El-Hadytha Party: (Modern Egypt Party)
Friday, December 02, 2011 5:10 PM

Modern Egypt Party (Masr El-Hadytha Party)
Name of Party: Masr El-Hadytha
Founded in: July 3, 2011
President: Nabil De’bes
Website: http://www.masrelhadytha.org/
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/masrelhadytha
Address: 11 no. 294 st., New Maadi, Cairo.
Nabil De’bes, a dissolved National Democratic Partymember, formed Masr El-Hadytha party after the January 25 revolution.
The party, which has liberal leanings, calls for applying the principleof rotation of power and balancing a presidential system with a parliamentary one.
Masr El-Hadytha is accused of accepting a large number of former ruling party members as candidates. Campaigns all over Egypt have been launched against voting for the party’s candidates.
The party withdrew from the National Democratic Alliance for Egypt weeks before the parliamentary elections because of what De’bes called domination of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party on selectingcandidates for election lists.
The party, which will contest the elections alone, mockingly described the alliance as“not for Egypt’s sake”.
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