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14 Jul 2011 - 16 Jan 2022

9/11 truther interrupts Super Bowl press conference, lives to tell tale
Political message follows sports talk.
By Erik Wemple | Broncos | 4 hours ago
Giuliani: New York Times story ‘led to a lot of exaggerated headlines’
Isn't that the way we roll now?
By Erik Wemple | Chris Christie | 5 hours ago
New York Times defends Christie story: Governor was trying to ‘change the discussion’
Alleged political motives in media criticism.
By Erik Wemple | Chris Christie | 6 hours ago
Philip Seymour Hoffman death: CNN host clashes with Alan Dershowitz
CNN anchor gets a bit provocative on crime and justice.
By Erik Wemple | CNN | 10 hours ago
Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly aces Obama interview
O'Reilly pulls out the I'm-a-taxpayer line on Obamacare, to excellent effect.
By Erik Wemple | Benghazi | February 2
Omidyar news venture: Where’s the leadership?
Can a news organization function horizontally?
By Erik Wemple | editors | January 31
National Journal spins frequency drop
Thirty-two issues per year: Is that still a weekly?
By Erik Wemple | CQ Weekly | January 31
Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on MSNBC offense: ‘This would never happen at a place like Fox’
Whenever an ideological cable outlet does something terrible, the equivalency question arises.
By Erik Wemple | Bill O'Reilly | January 31
MSNBC fires staffer after new controversy
Network boss is reportedly extremely angry about recent missteps.
By Erik Wemple | Martin Bashir | January 30
The Cheerios ad and MSNBC’s apologetic pathology
Good apologies are a good thing. But this is getting a bit ridiculous.
By Erik Wemple | Cheerios ad | January 30
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