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The New Dark Age
Justin Raimondo says don't say we didn't warn you...
Lords of Chaos
Nebojsa Malic on empire, freedom, and democracy
Staying Out of Other People's Wars
Pat Buchanan on the persistence of old alliances
Israel Said Willing to Give Up 90% of WB
Discussion coming down to 'percentage points'
AIPAC Now Rejects Vote on Sanctions
Senate vote remains split along party lines
Syria Deal to Let Homs Civilians Leave
UN says aid is ready, US criticizes deal
The NSA's 'Corporate Store'
Patrick Toomey on their massive legal loophole
AIPAC Backs Down on Iran for Now
MJ Rosenberg on the Likud Lobby in DC
40 Years Later: Clusterbombs Everywhere
Peter Lloyd on the remnants of our war on Laos
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Staying Out of Other People's Wars  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Reductio Ad Absurdum of Iran Containment  by Jahandad Memarian
Has the NSA Wiretapping Violated Attorney-Client Privilege?  by Nicolas Niarchos
The New Dark Age  by Justin Raimondo
Lords of Chaos  by Nebojsa Malic
New Snowden Revelation Is Dangerous for Anonymous – and for All of Us  by Gabriella Coleman
More Viewpoints
The Wild West of Surveillance
by Pratap Chatterjee & Tom Engelhardt
Top US Diplomat for Europe: 'F**k the EU'
'F**k the EU' YouTube of Diplomats
Hagel Orders Urgent Push for Ethics Crackdown
TSA Chose Giggles Over Finding Guns
Russia's Pussy Riot Disowns Freed Pair
Poland May Seek Access to Guantanamo Suspects
Afghan Taliban Capture British Military Dog, Show Him in Video
US Issues Penalties Over Violations of Iran Sanctions
A Partisan Turn for Iran Sanctions in Senate
Rand Paul Presses Barack Obama on Iran
Iran Dismisses Remarks of US Undersecretary of State
Report: Rohani Gives $400,000 to Tehran's Jewish Hospital
20 Killed, 97 Wounded as Baghdad Suffers More Blasts
US Says al-Qaeda Is 'Skilled' in Exploiting Iraq
Hearing on Iraq Shows Extremists Strong, Maliki Problematic
Rights Body: Iraqi Women Held Illegally and Tortured
Iran's MEK Has Friends in Congress, but That Hasn't Eased Problems in Iraq
Scarlett Johansson Row Has Boosted Israeli Settlement Boycott, Say Activists
Kerry Makes Clear Who He Likes Best in Israel: Lapid
Ashton to Israel: Reverse Decision on East Jerusalem Building Plans
Third Rocket Fired From Gaza in 24 Hours
IMF Says Peace Talks Key to Palestinian Economy
Police: Arms at Palestinian Embassy From Cold War
Settlers Charged With Anti-Palestinian Attacks
Gazans Endure Power Blackouts With Dark Humor
Israel Did Not Properly Document Property of Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands
Turkish Internet Restrictions Raise More Concerns
Under-Fire Erdogan Rallies Turks in Berlin
Middle East
UN Welcomes Reported Homs Humanitarian Deal, US Skeptical
Yemen Protest Seeks End to 'Corrupt' Gas Deals With Foreign Firms
Police Find 4 Human Heads in Western Mexico
New Afghanistan Law Could Silence Women Who Are Victims of Domestic Violence
Former Warlord Launches Campaign to Succeed Karzai
Afghan Police Arrest 3 Pakistani Men, 2 Women Over Arms Smuggling
North Korea, Citing US Bomber Training Run, May Cancel Reunions
Thailand Protests: Meet the 'Red Shirts', the Pro-Govt Shinawatra Supporters of the North
Egypt Army Denies Sisi Presidential Candidacy Report
Egypt and Ethiopia Face Off Over Nile Water
North Africa
Some Chemicals Remain Cached in Libya
Morocco Says to Follow UN Rules in Disputed Sahara Oil Hunt
At Least 22 Dead in Central Nigeria Attack: Locals
Red Cross Warns Over Boko Haram Fall-Out in Nigeria
Central African Republic
France Likely to Prolong Central African Republic Mission
UN Urges Central African Republic to 'Make Example Of' Lynchers
Names of 2 Other Mall Terrorists Revealed
Kenyan Officers Deny Abducting Ethiopian Rebels
Germany Plans to Increase Support for Reconciliation in Mali
US Diplomat Apologizes for Cursing Ally
Moscow Accuses US of Fomenting Ukraine Coup
Ukraine Protest Leader Says He Was Tortured Into Saying He Was a US Spy
US Bans Carry-On Liquids on Direct Flights to Russia
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