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28 Apr 1998 - 24 Jan 2022
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The New Dark Age
Justin Raimondo says don't say we didn't warn you...
Lords of Chaos
Nebojsa Malic on empire, freedom, and democracy
Staying Out of Other People's Wars
Pat Buchanan on the persistence of old alliances
Israel Said Willing to Give Up 90% of WB
Discussion coming down to 'percentage points'
AIPAC Now Rejects Vote on Sanctions
Senate vote remains split along party lines
Syria Deal to Let Homs Civilians Leave
UN says aid is ready, US criticizes deal
The NSA's 'Corporate Store'
Patrick Toomey on their massive legal loophole
AIPAC Backs Down on Iran for Now
MJ Rosenberg on the Likud Lobby in DC
40 Years Later: Clusterbombs Everywhere
Peter Lloyd on the remnants of our war on Laos
Updated February 8, 2014 - 1:46 AM EST
 NSA Now Claims It Only Collects 20% or Less of US Call Data
 Glenn Greenwald Will 'Force the Issue' and Visit US
 CIA Confirms Agency Obliged to Follow Federal Surveillance Law
 Memo Explains Why the US Can Kill Its Own Citizens Without Trial
Aid Expected in Homs as First Civilians Evacuated From Syrian City
Chechen Commander for Al Nusra Front Reported Killed in Aleppo
The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance Is Coming  by Dan Gillmor
Fox News Case: Espionage Act Prosecutions Unfair to Sources  by Trevor Timm
Will the Times Cover Anti-Nuke Nun's Imprisonment?  by Murray Polner
The al-Qaeda Menace: A Tale of Two Headlines  by JP Sottile
Veracity in Government  by Philip Giraldi
EU Modeling the Worst of US Diplomacy on Ukraine  by James Carden
More Viewpoints
A Flailing AIPAC
Congressmen Try to Restrict Free Speech to Prevent Boycotts of Israel
Merkel: US Diplomat's Words 'Totally Unacceptable'
Hagel Hints at Ethics Enforcer
Without Scotland, PM Says, Britain Would Be Less 'Great'
70% of Israelis Don't Trust US on Security, Says Poll
US Customs' Drones Back in Air After Crash Investigation
Following Lynchings, Muslims Flee Capital of Central African Republic
Spying on Everyone
Why a Railroad Merger May Get the Supreme Court to Rule on NSA Spying
US Spy Courts Add Two Judges With Democratic Ties
Forget Fingerprints: New Security Technology Tracks Body Odor
Cracks Appear in Taliban Peace Talks Committee
Pakistan Opposition Senators Term Peace Talks Futile Exercise
Pakistan's Musharraf Skips Another Hearing in Treason Court
Pressure Mounts to Find Way to End Musharraf Treason Prosecution
Five Officials Injured in Khanewal 'Suicide' Blast
North Korea
Report Says North Korea Is Improving Missile Capabilities
US Prisoner in North Korea Gets Consular Visit
Afghanistan: Taliban Says Captured British Military Dog Is Healthy
Thai Businesses Rue Political Gridlock as Economy Falters
India: Denials Follow Claims Linking Bomb Attacks on Muslims to Hindu Hardliner
South Korea, Japan Clash Over Sea's Name in Virginia Textbooks
Sri Lankan Forces May Have Destroyed Evidence of Mass Killings
Aquino's Comments on Disputed Waters Slammed by China Media
China: Tibetan Dies in Act of Protest
Hong Kong Evacuates Residents After WWII Bomb Found
Violence Risks Turning Egypt Into Jihadi Front
2 Killed in Pro-Morsi Marches Across Egypt
Six Police Wounded in Twin Cairo Bomb Attacks
Al-Jazeera Reporter: Journalism Is Not Terrorism and I'm Not a Terrorist
In Rare Interview, Mubarak Says Egyptians Want Al-Sissi
Libyan PM Urges All Sides to Avoid Violence in Standoff Over Parliament
Two Italians Freed in Libya After Kidnap
Another Man Lynched in Central African Republic, International Court Plans Probe
Free Education Lures Somali Children From Streets
Argentina to US Senators: Show a Little Respect
A Guatemalan Crusader Is Reined In
US Targets Businesses for Evading Sanctions on Iran
Iran Says Ready to Answer UN Nuclear Agency's Questions
US Issues Temporary Sanctions Waiver for Iran Broadcaster
Candidate Among 32 Killed in Iraq; 70 Others Wounded
Baghdad Continues to Remove Kurds From Government Posts: Sources
Iraqi Army Accepts 600 Kirkuk Tribesmen
Iraq Pension Law Draws Ire Over MP Exemption
Korea Gas to Cut Stake in Iraq Gas Field in Anbar as Violence Rises
Troops Raid Protest Village in Jordan Valley at 2 a.m. – Scores Injured and Arrested
Red Cross Protests Israel Seizure of Tents in Jordan Valley
Anat Kamm Says She's No Snowden, but No Traitor Either
Gaza Rallies in Support of Critically Ill Prisoner
Israeli Forces Raid Al-Aqsa Mosque
In Israel, a Push to Bring Arabs Into Tech Sector
Former PM Olmert: No Trust Exists Between Netanyahu and Abbas
Activists in Hebron Pelt Housing Minister's Car With Eggs
Turkey Kicks Out Critical Foreign Journalist
Ninth MP Quits Over Turkish Graft Scandal
Yemen Rebels, Tribes Clash After Govt Mediator Resigns
Yemeni Tribesmen Attack Oil Pipeline Repair Crew, Eight Killed
Plane Lands in Turkey After Bomb Threat, Passenger Wants to Land in Sochi
Along the Border Near Sochi, a Ring of Steel Rises
Countries Unite to Disrupt Terror Threats to Sochi Olympic Games
Over 150 Hurt as Bosnia Protesters Clash With Police
Leaked Call on Ukraine Made on Unencrypted Cellphones: US Officials
Greek, Turkish Cypriots to Restart Peace Talks
The War at Home
Illinois Congressmen Submit Israel Anti-Boycott Bill
Band Sends $666k Bill for Songs Played at Gitmo
US Military Funds Mission Impossible 'Vanishing' Tech
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