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08 Jun 2003 - 12 May 2022
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Why donate?What your pledge providesWhat others are saying stands outside the Washington bipartisan consensus for reckless, expansionist, dangerous foreign policy, and thus gets no big corporate or foundation support. We rely on our readers to help us keep the establishment's feet to the fire. Keeping on top of the warfare state in all its manifestations requires constant alertness, and we can't do it without your help. provides you with the most comprehensive set of news and opinions that track the latest moves of the War Party. With both original columnists and links to the best foreign policy writings around the globe, we are the one-stop site for keeping abreast of the violent inhumane policies which endanger the very principles the United States was founded upon and destroy the lives of innocent civilians abroad.
" is my morning cup of coffee, my sandwich at lunch, and my five-course dinner. It always has my back. With the eyes of eagles, the true mania of collectors, and the stamina of marathon runners, the folks of AW scour the world for the articles I need on war and peace. They feed me constantly and make a far better site. Their work is indispensable.."
~ Tom Engelhardt, author & columnist
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