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23 Sep 2012 - 22 Oct 2014
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Iraqi Newspapers focus on Iraqi initiative to solve Syrian crisis.
01/09/2012 09:02:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Iraqi newspapers, focused on two major subjects today, the one is the Iraqi initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis, in addition to the developments in the political process and waving to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government, and other political and economic topics.

Al-Sabah Newspaper issued by the Iraqi Media Network, addressed the Iraqi initiative on its front page, in which it said: " the Iraqi initiative on the crisis in Syria was widely welcomed in the Non-Aligned summit that ended in Tehran yesterday," adding that " the Syrian delegation agreed on a number of items in the initiative that Iraq addressed to the countries participating in the summit," describing it "as a very important development."

An Iraqi source, participated with the Iraqi delegation, confirmed, according to the paper that "Iraq will continue its efforts supporting a peaceful solution in Syria, even its initiative does not get fully support," adding that "the confirmation of the Non-Aligned summit to resolve the crisis Syrian through dialogue, was a victory for Iraq because Iraq is the first state called on a peaceful solution, putting a comprehensive and fully initiative ensures the Syrian people to achieve their goals and live in a democratic system. "

Al-Mashriq newspaper quoted MP, for Ahrar bloc, Hussein al-Jubouri as saying that "his bloc is not with questioning the Prime Minister in Parliament, but it is with the implementation of the political and governmental reforms," adding that " the political blocs are studying the main points of the reforms paper submitted by the National Alliance, and putting a time limit for its implementation."
Jubouri emphasized that "the reforms should be real, and the Prime Minister is committed to implement them, within the framework of a specific timetable agreed upon by the political blocs."

Al-Dastoor newspaper published a story about the disappearance of billions of dollars in the sales of the Iraqi Central Bank.

The newspaper quoted a parliamentary source refused to reveal his identity as saying that "there is a report documented figures showed the disappearance of nearly $ 12 billion from the sales of the Central Bank of Iraq within six months starting from 1/1/2012."/End

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20/04/2014 21:16:00
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20/04/2014 14:50:00
Barzani: continuing efforts to form a government of Kurdistan and the PUK is an important force
20/04/2014 13:07:00
A policeman killed in northern Baghdad
20/04/2014 12:47:00
Official departments and schools in Sadr city evacuated
20/04/2014 12:32:00
5, including policemen, killed and 15, including students, faculty and police injured in eastern Baghdad suicide attack this morning
20/04/2014 12:27:00
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20/04/2014 11:07:00
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20/04/2014 10:09:00
Urgent...Car bomb goes off in Samawa
20/04/2014 10:06:00
Barzani calls on everyone to calm down after targeting the headquarters of the KDP in Sulaymaniyah
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