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2 Mar 2014
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One person killed , two others one wounded in Sulaymaniyah.
14/02/2014 12:17:00
Sulaymaniyah / Nina /--One person killed and two others wounded in a traffic accident that occurred on the road Sulaymaniyah - Qaradagh districts .

A security source said to NINA reporter : "A car overturned yesterday evening on the road between the Qaradagh district of Sulaimaniya province , near the village of Telzat . / End

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Al-Maliki Directed to Remove his Photos from the StreetsJustice Minister announces the execution of six Iraqis.
Al-Maliki Orders to Remove Pictures of the Officials from the Streets and from all Sites37 People Arrested in Kirkuk for not having Housing Approvals
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Discusses with the Japanese Ambassador the Political and Cultural Situation in IraqSecretariat General of the Council of Ministers Decided to Consider the Voter's Electronic Card as an Official Document
Federal Judiciary denies any agreement to transfer Alwani's case to AnbarBritish Foundation holds a workshop in Najaf to develop the skills of English teachers in University of Kufa
Unidentified body found west of BaghdadChaldean Patriarch calls for Christians to stay in Iraq.
Mayor of Musayyab district announce the military fall of the city.Chaldean Patriarch calls for Christians to stay in Iraq.
Fallujah Witnessed Security Stability TodayThe arrest of a gang of four people kidnapped a citizen in Erbil
Ben Helli : The Success of the Activities of Baghdad, the Capital of Arab Culture Reflects the Return to its Cultural , Literary and Artistic ActivityThe Closing Ceremony of the Activities of Baghdad, the Capital of Arab Culture in 2013 Started with the Participation of Arab and International Delegations
Hundreds of Residents of Fallujah Demonstrated Demanding to Stop the Bombing of their CityFirefighters controlled a huge blaze in Jameelah market east of Baghdad .
Tomorrow weather, partly cloudy with dust escalation in the center and south.The Conclusion of the Activities of Baghdad, the Capital of Arab Culture for 2013
02/03/2014 09:08:00
Delay in including the budget on the Parliament's agenda is an evidence of the depth of political differences
02/03/2014 08:49:00
Police officer killed in Diyala
02/03/2014 08:35:00
A woman injured in landmine explosion in Muthanna province
02/03/2014 08:35:00
Security plan to cleanse Musayyaib district in Babylon from armed elements
01/03/2014 22:56:00
Safiya al-Suhail Cultural Council Holds a Symposium on the Iraqi-Turkish Relations
01/03/2014 22:08:00
/ 7 / Element of ISIS Killed Northeast of Ramadi
01/03/2014 21:55:00
/ 6 / Women and a Child Got Martyrdom and Wounded by the Explosion of two Bombs East of Baquba
01/03/2014 21:33:00
A Security Operation Started in far Western of Anbar
01/03/2014 20:48:00
A Leader in / ISIS / Arrested in Shirqat
01/03/2014 20:37:00
Defense Ministry: Destroying a Camp to the ISIS South of Nineveh
01/03/2014 20:21:00
Nineveh Operations: Capturing a car bomb in Mosul
01/03/2014 20:11:00
A Child Killed, / 9 / People Injured by Renewed Shelling of Areas North and East of Fallujah
01/03/2014 20:02:00
Diyala Police Chief : Leaders of the First and the Second Lines of ISIS Organization are Either Killed or Arrested
01/03/2014 19:34:00
Dozens of Families Returned to the City of Ramadi
01/03/2014 19:20:00
Allawi and the Kuwaiti Ambassador Discuss the Political Situation in Iraq
01/03/2014 19:09:00
42 Wanted Men in Criminal Cases, Including Two Charged with Terrorism Arrested in Basra
01/03/2014 18:56:00
Two Wanted Men Arrested a Car Prepared to be Bombed Captured in Salah al-Din
01/03/2014 18:41:00
A Terrorist killed, 16 Wanted Men Arrested and Two Explosive Belts Captured in Nineveh
01/03/2014 17:17:00
/ 5 / soldiers killed and wounded in eastern Ramadi.
01/03/2014 17:11:00
An officer wounded south of Baghdad.
01/03/2014 16:52:00
Arab Political Council in Kirkuk, demanding the formation of a military band led by officers covered by ablation measures .
01/03/2014 16:24:00
Mottahidoon Lilislah / united for reform /coalition renew not responsible for what is adopted by Anbar governor.
01/03/2014 16:22:00
Four policemen killed, eastern Ramadi.
01/03/2014 16:11:00
/ 7 / gunmen killed and / 3 / vehicles belonging to armed groups destroyed, west of Ramadi.
01/03/2014 16:02:00
A dead body of a soldier found north west of Kirkuk.
01/03/2014 15:55:00
A civilian killed by gunmen north-east of Baquba.
01/03/2014 15:47:00
Commander of reinforcement regiment killed west of Kirkuk.
01/03/2014 15:40:00
Four civilians wounded, in Kirkuk.
01/03/2014 15:11:00
Three civilians wounded, west of Falluja.
01/03/2014 15:05:00
Four policemen killed, eastern Ramadi.
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