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05 Dec 2012 - 29 Aug 2014
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Morning Plum
Happy Hour Roundup
The Plum Line: Morning Plum
The Morning Plum: More cracks in GOP resistance to Obamacare
Republicans slowly reconcile themselves to the idea that the law might not be 100 percent evil.
By Greg Sargent January 24
The Morning Plum: A nation of redistributionists and class warriors
A new poll finds a majority of Americans supports taxing the rich to help the poor.
By Greg Sargent January 23
The Morning Plum: Obama, race, and the Affordable Care Act
The president makes striking comments about race and Obamacare.
By Greg Sargent January 21
The Morning Plum: The next battle over Obamacare
Expect House GOP votes designed to sow doubts about enrollment numbers.
By Greg Sargent January 3
Morning Plum: Will Republicans renew UI for their own constituents?
States represented by GOP Senators have higher unemployment rates than the national average.
By Greg Sargent January 2
The Morning Plum: Immigration reform coming in 2014?
A top ally of John Boehner says votes may happen in 2014.
By Greg Sargent December 20, 2013
Morning Plum: Despite O’care rollout, Americans want to expand safety net
A new poll finds that majorities still say the federal government should act to expand health coverage to all Americans.
By Greg Sargent December 19, 2013
Morning Plum: Democrats should prioritize combatting inequality. It’s popular.
A new poll finds broad support for the idea that the federal government -- yes, Big Gummint -- should combat inequality. Class warfare time!
By Greg Sargent December 18, 2013
The Morning Plum: The consequences of GOP opposition to Obamacare
Thanks to the refusal to opt in to the Medicaid expansion, racial, geographic and ethnic disparities in health care coverage are only likely to get worse, a new study finds.
By Greg Sargent December 17, 2013
Morning Plum: Insurance industry bets on Obamacare. GOP bets on failure.
Insurance companies will spend hundreds of millions to help make the law work, but Republicans know it has already failed.
By Greg Sargent December 16, 2013
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