Brian Fung
Brian Fung covers technology for The Washington Post, focusing on electronic privacy, national security, digital politics and the Internet that binds it all together. He was previously the technology correspondent for National Journal and an associate editor at the Atlantic. His writing has also appeared in Foreign Policy, Talking Points Memo, the American Prospect and Nonprofit Quarterly. Follow Brian on Google+ .
Latest by Brian Fung
Switchboard: Leaked Bitcoin file reportedly tied to consulting firm
Brian Fung

Plus, Obama keeps NSA public comments a secret, and how Airbnb prices its rooms for rent.
Sen. Joe Manchin calls for a Bitcoin ban as regulators seek ‘accelerated push’
Brian Fung

How should consumers be protected from an American Mt. Gox? Regulators may need to face that question sooner rather than later.
Signing up for Obamacare could someday take as little as 10 minutes
Brian Fung

The government wants to turn its data hub into a platform so that third parties can sign people up for health care.
Furious Democrats denounce GOP’s last-minute move to weaken phone unlocking bill
Brian Fung

Rep. Bob Goodlatte is trying to push through a controversial change using hardball tactics.
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Nobody knows what Netflix is actually paying Comcast. That’s a problem.
The Switchboard: Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox completely collapses
How Republicans intend to close the tech talent gap
With Dingell out, the race to be the top Democrat on technology is wide open
Charter tried to buy Time Warner Cable — and failed. Here’s what it might do now.
New FCC proposal would require pinpoint location accuracy for 911 calls
Here’s why big cities aren’t getting Google Fiber anytime soon
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