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09 Mar 2014 - 06 Jun 2017
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How Much of a Geek Are You? New Calculator Separates the Tech Buffs From the Technophobes... So How Do You Score?
by Victoria Woollaston
Daily Mail
Are you obsessed with the latest technology and have a burning desire to own every new device? Or are you a prolific Tweeter or TV addict?
A new study has divided the nation into five personality types based on the technology they own and their lifestyle choices.
The industry body behind the research has also created The Great British Geek Calculator so you can discover which group you belong to.
CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW to take The Great British Geek Calculator
The study also found that the UK has become a nation of geeks, spending more than £50 billion a year on technology products such as phones, tablets, TVs, laptops and other devices.
Technology advertising spend is also on the increase – at £1.5 billion in 2012, up from £1.4 billion in 2011.
And the authors say it is now technology ownership and lifestyle choices – rather than standard demographics and our age – which determines how we fit into the so-called Tech Nation.
The study, which was a joint project between Newsworks and Kantar Media, surveyed 24,000 people to get their attitudes to technology, the devices they own, how they make decisions about purchases and media consumption.
The UK's five tech types, according to the study, include the Tech Rich group, which makes up 19 per cent of adults in the the UK.
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July 5, 2013
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