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Welcome to the TrilightZone !
We welcome you as our honored guest and invite you to read further what the TrilightZone is all about.

About us

Located in Europe/Asia we, a modest band of IT / Privacy specialists, decided to start in 2005 multiple Offshore Services for everyone who is seriously concerned with privacy and security. All our services can be paid anonymously like secure email, encrypted file storage, vpn services, newsgroup access, offshore hosting, dedicated servers and much more. We have together a long solid history in IT / security, operating straight and secure hi-tech environments for clients. It doesn't matter if you're in need of a small or large service, we respect your wishes and treat you with a personal approach. We can also advise you on services or projects you might have in mind and put our expertise to work for you !


Our team is global, strong ties with each other, operating in multiple jurisdictions, independend whenever needed, several of us go many years back in the days of the BBS, coming from all kind of scenes. Now beside friendship and being partners we form together an umbrella organisation to maintain our services to the community and those who seek real freedom. We encourage people to send us ideas, opinions and we welcome those who wish to be a full reseller of the services our organisation offers to spread the word. The best thing is, we never changed our main views and attitude, now continueing in many ways our projects serving and cooperating with people from all over the world. We support several known opensource projects through donating funds, technical expertise and IT infrastructure. We like to help other people who embrace similar thoughts or just the free spirit of being able to create something out of nothing for the community. The reason why we are the best suited service to protect your privacy and needs is because we come straight from the practice where it all happens !

Your Privacy & Anonymity is our Goal

We clearly state hereby that our primary aim for our clients is being anonymous and secure while using our services. As you most likely already know there are similar providers outthere who try to provide the same and others we are also familiar with who do deliver. One of the differences is that we are honest in each situation where we can or can't help a client instead of just taking the money and sell an illusion. We're also no fly by night operation or one of the many so called mom & pop services in for a quick buck popping up every month and then disappearing. This service is a real part of our life and each of us is proud to be dedicated to the cause. Your online security and privacy is taken very serious. None of our servers you may use will be located in a country where privacy is gone or only exists in fancy words while practise shows differently. Your privacy is our business, it'll be protected as if it is our own privacy and advise our clients to the best of our abilities.

We do not log, we do not spam you with pages of policies no one understands, we keep it straight and simple !

We offer

You may choose from several offshore services as you can see on our Services Page. A maximum secure implementation of openvpn, a linux shell to surf anonymously the internet using ssh proxy tunnels including ability to compile & run background processes, newsgroup access, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, anonymous domain registration, secure email, offshore hosting, SSL certificates, DNS hosting, encrypted file storage, system administration, backup services and much more. All bandwidth related services we offer have a range of options to fit your requirements. A special note about our openvpn service is that we also send you certificates with your login details for extra security. Many vpn providers do not bother to generate and implement the certificates feature for their openvpn clients. The SSH Privacy TriShell account includes access to internal proxies which are Squid, Socks5, Privoxy and a Tor Network entry point.

All our services are delivered to you without giving up your identity or personal details to us !


We use wherever possible always encryption with most of our services. Ranging from realtime encrypted systems to all connectivity related services we offer. If you are able to use pgp then we recommend to use our public key to contact us by email. Please do not forget to send us your public key so we can reply using pgp encryption. We only use the most proven and tested encryption methods to ensure we offer you the best. This also includes custom services where we can develop & deploy solutions where encryption is critical.  

Anonymous Payments

To further protect your privacy we accept Bitcoin, Cash by Mail, Litecoin, Moneyorder and Pecunix. Other payment methods include Paypal, CreditCards and Bankwire. If you know of other payment methods which might contribute to the trilightzone services please let us know !

Feel free to continue to the Services Page for more details and the advantages you'll get when signing up for your own TriService.

Personal Support

Our support replies to any request within 4 hours on average and is 24/7 available to make sure everything is taken care of ! Our support is always on expert level so you will not get confronted with the "zombie" type of support you can find anywhere and find yourself teaching instead of getting answers.

Last but not least, we will not disappoint you.

Kind Regards,

TriTeam - Your Privacy Provider Since 2005 !
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