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09 Mar 2014 - 14 Mar 2014
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July 5, 2013
Posted by Becky Akers on July 5, 2013 06:03 AM
The Thieves and Sexual Assailants (TSA) have opened an "Instagram" account to document the weapons they steal from passengers.
I remain mystified as to why anyone other than Our Rulers considers a weapon a bad thing on a plane. Imagine how differently 9/11 might have ended had even one passenger smuggled a gun or knife with him and subdued the undercover G-men-sorry, terrorists. Then, too, armed passengers would instill a healthy respect for their customers in the airlines' personnel -- you know, those offensive and patronizing morons whose salaries we pay but who order us about as if we're kindergartners.
Yet the TSA continues to ballyhoo its thievery of our self-defence -- and this without any explanation or justification, too. It assumes every serf understands and agrees that weapons at 30,000 feet are an unspeakable danger rather than life- and dignity-savers, just as they are on terra firma. The "Instagram" photos of those weapons are the TSA's newest shot, so to speak, at such propaganda.
As usual, the media presents this "news" pragmatically: will Instagram at last convince pesky, pathetically stupid passengers to leave their guns at home? (And let me confess I'm shaking my head along with the corporate media and the TSA at your carelessness, but for an entirely different reason: why lose perfectly good guns to these unconscionable perverts? Especially given the current shortage of firearms and ammo. Please, friends, be prudent out there. The enemy surrounds us: don't make it easy for them to disarm you before the revolution's even begun.)
But readers aren't cooperating with the media. They're leaving witty, subversive comments such as this from "ESKlein" at ABC News: "At least they are advertising what they steal... some government agencies can't even be counted on for that level of 'honesty.'" Meanwhile, "Dhalgren" at the New York Slimes writes of the TSA's brainwashing in general: "Blogger Bob Burns over at the TSA Blog lives a miserable life. The TSA allocated a tiny budget for the ...  blog. All the comments are negative. No one believes him. How he has done this for years speaks volumes about his inability to get a job anywhere else."
We might expand this perceptive assessment to include all of the TSA's thugs, spokesliars, and pedophiles. Speaking of which, marvel with me yet again at the State's abilities to find a use for utterly useless criminals.
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