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YouTube for Developers
Bring YouTube to any screen, any time.
Want to bring YouTube to your users? The YouTube APIs and Tools enable you to integrate YouTube's video content and functionality into your website, app, or device.
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Integrate with YouTube
The Data APIs let you incorporate YouTube functionality into your own application or website. You can perform searches, upload videos, create playlists, and more.
Customize the YouTube Player
The Player APIs give you control over YouTube video playback on your website or in your mobile app. Configure basic settings, drive the player interface, or even build your own player controls.
Collect and moderate video submissions from your users
YouTube Direct Lite allows you to easily solicit user generated content from your site visitors, moderate the submissions, and display them on your site.
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Embed videos in your app
It's easy to display YouTube videos in your Web or mobile app, and customize the player -- using the iframe embed, player parameters or the iframe and Android Player APIs.
Get video analytics
Get viewing statistics, popularity metrics, and demographic information on your YouTube videos and channels using the Analytics API.
Upload videos from your app or site
Use the YouTube Data APIs to upload videos directly. We have client libraries in many programming languages to make it easy for you.
Subscribe button
Add a YouTube subscribe button to your website to help your visitors share content and connect with you on YouTube.
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