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CORRECTED l Court refers files of two defendants to Mufti
An Alexandria criminal court referred the files of two defendants to the Mufti on Saturday for throwing three young boys off the roof of a building in Sedi Gaber after the overthrow of Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Read More
Egyptian killed in armed attack in Benghazi - FM
An Egyptian man was killed in an armed attack on a vegetables store in Libya's Benghazi early on Saturday, Egypt's Foreign Ministry has said.   Read More
People will choose new president, presidency neutral - Muslimani
Egypt's presidential media advisor Ahmed al-Muslimani has said that the upcoming election will be an excellent example of democracy and that the people will choose with their full will and freedom the country's seventh president.   Read More
At least five killed in Cairo clashes
At least five people were killed in clashes in Cairo on Friday involving security forces, Muslim Brotherhood supporters and residents days after hundreds of Islamists opposed to the military-backed government were sentenced to death.   Read More
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Working women say life tougher in Egypt after Jan 25
Maha Ragaay, a tourist guide in her forties, is one of those who lost their jobs after the January 25 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.   Read More

Factory unrest threatens attempts to revive Egyptian economy
Egypt's next president is likely to face a far more complex problem than cracking down on Islamists - meeting the demands of workers desperate for decent jobs and wages.   Read More

Egypt investors believe Sisi presidency will bring stability
Egyptian Army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may not look like a model democrat, but foreign and local businessmen believe he can deliver stability to open up investment opportunities in the most populous Arab nation.   Read More

SPECIAL REPORT - Egyptian militants outwit army in Sinai battlefield
In a rare visit to eight villages in Northern Sinai last week, a Reuters reporter saw widespread destruction caused by army operations, but also found evidence that a few hundred militants are successfully playing a cat-and-mouse game with the Arab world's biggest army and are nowhere near defeat.   Read More

INTERVIEW - Coal is no solution to Egypt's energy woes-environment minister
Egypt's worsening energy problems and the demands of heavy industry are no reason to embrace coal, the environment minister says, warning of long-term damage to the economy and to public health.   Read More

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