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Why Turkey Planned a False Flag in Syria
To increase support for terrorists, says Nick Giambruno
Hijacking the American Plane of State
Tom Engelhardt on the empire's suicide mission
Russia and the Ukraine Crisis
Daniel Larison's conservative take on it
Judge Nixes Suit Over Drone Killings
Insists courts can't examine 'operational' decisions
US May Ditch Israel Peace Process
Kerry: We are not going to sit there indefinitely
Congress to Probe 'Cuban Twitter' Fiasco
Administration officials struggle to duck blame
Manufactured Crisis: Iran's Nuclear Scare
The full 10-part series on Gareth Porter's new book
Final Iran Nuclear Deal Trial Balloon
Barbara Slavin says it includes an AUMF
Will Sanctions Scuttle Iran Nuclear Deal?
Tyler Cullis on proportionality and reciprocity
Updated April 4, 2014 - 9:20 PM EDT
Senate Panel Finds CIA Illegally Interrogated Terror Suspects After 9-11


Why Turkey Was Planning a False Flag Operation in Syria  by Nick Giambruno
Military Tribunals Are Un-American  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Warlords, Corruption on the Rise as Afghanistan Prepares to Vote  by Bob Dreyfuss
Hijacking the American Plane of State  by Tom Engelhardt
The Yemenis at Guantánamo  by Andrea J. Prasow
Militarism vs. Diplomacy: the Case of NATO  by Michael S. Rozeff
More Viewpoints
Russia and the Ukraine Crisis
by Daniel Larison
Sen. Wyden: Americans Will Be 'Profoundly Disturbed' by CIA Torture Report
Guatemala Eyes Drug Legalization in Late 2014
State Dept Inspector General Issues Alert Over Missing $6 Billion in Contracting Money
Sweden Should Come Question Assange: Ecuador's UK Ambassador
Donkeys, Aircraft Deployed to Deliver Afghan Ballots
Russian Minister's Advice to US Over Crimea: Do Yoga and Chill Out
Russia Raises Gas Prices for Ukraine by 80 Percent
Russia Recalls Military Representative in Rebuke to NATO
Ukraine Hopes for $13 Billion in External Aid in 2014
Ukraine Implicates Ousted President in Shooting of Protesters
Pro-Russian Protests in Eastern Ukraine's Donetsk Region Diminish
Ukraine Detains 12 Riot Police on Suspicion of 'Mass Murder'
Russia Arrests 25 Ukrainians for Sabotage
Sanctioning Russia & Crimea
German Postal System Stops Accepting Crimea-Bound Letters
Europe Safety Agency Urges Airlines to Avoid Crimean Airspace
Ontario May Ban Sales of Russian Vodka
West's Targeted Russian Sanctions Ensnare Investors
US Sending 175 Marines to Romania as Part of Africa Crisis Team
Four Russian Servicemen Killed in North Caucasus Bomb Attack
Victory Seen for PM Orban, Far-Right May Gain in Hungary Vote
Muslim Brotherhood Urges Britain Not to Yield to Foreign 'Pressure' Over Review
Turkey Lifts Twitter Ban After Court Ruling
Turkey's Opposition Seeking Recount of Ankara Poll Results
Erdogan Takes Battle With Enemies Beyond Turkish Frontiers
Turkey's Kurdish Peace Process Key to Erdogan's Presidential Hopes
North Africa
Libya Sees 'Good Intentions' in Oil Port Talks; Rebel Split Seen
Egypt Tightens Security Laws to Counter 'Terrorism'
At Quiet Rebel Base, Plotting an Assault on South Sudan's Oil Fields
IMF Reaches Agreement With Central African Republic
US Military
USAF Submits $8 Billion Unfunded List to Congress
Military Playing Catch-Up on PTSD
Armed Services Chairman: US Needs Russian Choppers
Army Says Alleged Shooter Saw No Combat in Iraq
Army: Fort Hood Gunman Showed No Previous Violence
Why the Iraq War Has Produced More PTSD Than the Conflict in Afghanistan
US Soldiers Plead Guilty in 2011 Militia Slayings
US Defense Weather Satellite Launched
Venezuelan Opposition Member Arrested for Arson Attack
Several Hurt in Venezuela as University Protest Ends in Dramatic Clash
Colombian Killed in Venezuela Clash: Military
Afghans Largely Left to Monitor Their Own Election
Risks of Violence and Fraud Haunt Landmark Afghan Election
War and Unrest Provide for a Scarred Campaign Trail
Afghans Say Pakistani Taliban Border Attacks Rise
Karzai's Intent: to Keep His Sway After Term Ends
Team Advising Afghan Troops May Shrink to 100 Marines or Fewer by This Summer
Pakistan Frees 19 'Non-Combatant' Taliban, More to Come
Musharraf Convoy Hit by Bomb Attack in Pakistan
Pakistan: Afghan Border Security to Be Increased
Chinese Buddhist Temple Forms Anti-Terrorist Squad
China Demands Malaysia Ensure Safety of Chinese After Kidnap
US, Japan, and South Korea to Discuss North Korea Nuclear Weapons Program
Thai Govt Fears Violent Backlash if PM Removed From Office
Indonesia Military Worries Over Asia Arms Race, Territorial Tensions
US Calls for End to Humanitarian Curbs in Myanmar's Rakhine
Syrian Opposition Accuses Assad of New Poison Attack
Anti-Assad Allies Rebuff Syrian Presidential Election Plan
Clashes Rage Near Damascus as Coast Battles Delay Chemical Shipments
Syrians Adjust to Life Without Limbs
Lebanon Marks 'Devastating' Milestone With Millionth Syrian Refugee
In Lebanon, 1 Million Syrian Refugees Live on $1 a Day
US Criticizes Israel, Palestinians for Jeopardizing Talks
Palestinian Envoy Threatens Israel With ICC Membership
Palestinian UN Moves Designed to Avoid US Retaliation
Israel Strikes Gaza Targets After Rocket Attack
Israel Punishes Palestinians With New Restrictions in West Bank
Bennett Privately Threatened PM to Quit Coalition Over Prisoners
Fearing Cyberattack, Israel Curbs Govt Websites' Foreign Traffic
IDF Vehicle Hit by Gazan Sniper Fire
Vandals Slash Tires of 40 Cars in Hate Crime in Northern Israel
Talk of Freeing a Spy for Israel Stirs Old Unease for US Jews
Israel Denies Exit Permit to Gazan to Run Bethlehem Marathon
Meet 'Morty': IDF's New and Improved Mortar
Iran, Six Powers Start Expert-Level Nuclear Talks in Vienna
In Iran, Age Mellows Some Former Captors of US Hostages
Middle East
102 Killed, 62 Wounded as Militants Attack Iraq Army Base
Bahrain Police, Protesters Clash After Shi'ite Funeral: Witnesses
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