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13 Dec 2009 - 30 Dec 2019
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Swissoffice.org manages and saves your documents. Office documents, pictures or even source code, all documents are accessible from everywhere via the Internet to
All your documents are available anytime and all over the world.

Edit your documents in your office, at home or on the road.
Share your documents with customers/partners using a web link.
Allow your customers/partners to upload documents via the browser.
Internationally-spread teams can work together on one document pool.

Working with the documents remains easy.

The files can be embedded as a network drive on your computer and you can work with them as if they were saved locally.
You can also work with a local copy on your computer and save the changes with a mouse click to the server.
A file can be uploaded/downloaded via a browser.
In a team you can work with a versioning control to know what, when and by whom changes were made.

Your documents are in good hands.

Each user needs a password to access.
The data exchange between your computer and our server is always encrypted.
The data are saved daily and are located in a secure computer center in Switzerland.
The Swiss Data Protection Act applies to the data saved on the server.
Even the compulsory archiving of your company's documents is assured on the versioning documents.

You are prepared for the future, too.

Your documents are in their own virtual environment which guarantees additional security and flexibility.
Individual requests can be included because of the virtualization and intended changes/extensions are always possible.

Try it yourself!

On our demo site you can test all the features live. Find out how it works in the Info rubric.

See also our email hosting as part of our Business IT Services: www.swissmail.org and www.dombox.com