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21 Mar 2014 - 26 Jan 2021

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Morning Mix: International
No such thing as ‘half a coup,’ especially in Thailand
Some analysts say where there's smoke there's fire.
By Terrence McCoy | International | 7 hours ago
Study: ‘Significant’ statistical link between mass murder and autism, brain injury
Researchers say it is the first review of published research based on psychological investigations of hundreds of killers.
By Terrence McCoy | International | 9 hours ago
A ‘Happy’ tribute video brings unhappiness in Iran
A group of six arrested and forced to repent on state TV in Iran for making a homemade tribute to Pharrell.
By Nick Kirkpatrick | International | 9 hours ago
Why has the Nigerian military failed to recover the abducted girls?
President Goodluck Jonathan faces the growing belief he is not only powerless to confront the radicalized Boko Haram, but can't even save the girls.
By Terrence McCoy | International | May 20
Thailand declares martial law. Time for a ‘selfie.’
Thailand's army declared martial law early Tuesday morning after six months of sometimes violent political unrest. This, of course, is the best time to get your picture taken with the Thai Army.
By Nick Kirkpatrick | International | May 20
Russian oligarch’s $4.5 billion divorce settlement may be ‘the most expensive in history’
Greek islands, Manhattan flats, Donald Trump and quite possibly the most expensive breakup ever.
By Terrence McCoy | Business | May 20
Scientists claim world’s largest dinosaur find
"Its length, from its head to the tip of its tail, was [130 feet.] Standing with its neck up, it was about [65 feet] high — equal to a seven-story building," researchers say.
By Terrence McCoy | International | May 19
32 children die in fire on overcrowded bus
In Fundacion, Colombia, a vehicle carrying the young people home from a church service met with tragedy -- and the driver may be at fault.
By Nick Kirkpatrick | International | May 19
Chilean artist steals and destroys $500 million worth of student debt papers
The brazen act reflects broad discontent in Chile as the South American country moves toward education reform.
By Terrence McCoy | International | May 19
Another good Kim Jong Un story dies as ‘executed’ girlfriend lives
The story had it all: sex, murder, North Korea. Too bad it was fake.
By Terrence McCoy | International | May 19
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