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21 Mar 2014 - 27 Jan 2021

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Accused of promoting vigilantism, Detroit’s top cop explains stance on Second Amendment
Detroit Police Chief James Craig has had to clarify his position on the right to carry firearms after landing on the cover of a gun rights publication put out by the National Rifle Association.
By Lindsey Bever | National | 6 hours ago
Gay couples in Pa. make mad dash to marry after court ruling
Gay couples in Pennsylvania rush to marry before the state can undo a court’s undoing of a ban on gay marriage.
By Gail Sullivan | National | 8 hours ago
Study: ‘Significant’ statistical link between mass murder and autism, brain injury
Researchers say it is the first review of published research based on psychological investigations of hundreds of killers.
By Terrence McCoy | International | 9 hours ago
Justice Alito halts scheduled execution of Missouri death row inmate
The U.S. Supreme Court justice issued an order halting the execution of Missouri inmate Russell Bucklew about an hour before he was set to die by lethal injection.
By Lindsey Bever | National | 10 hours ago
Man who drugged and raped wife won’t serve a day behind bars
David Wise was sentenced by a Marion Superior Court judge to 20 years, but 12 years of the sentence were suspended and eight are to be served at home.
By Lindsey Bever | National | May 20
Oklahoma tornado, one year later
PHOTOS: AP revisits Moore, Okla., one year after a 210 mph tornado destroyed thousands of homes and killed 24 people, including 7 children.
By Nick Kirkpatrick | National | May 19
Missouri death row inmate wants his execution videotaped
Russell Bucklew is asking a federal court to allow the videotaping of his death -- to record any evidence of constitutional violations such as cruel and unusual punishment.
By Lindsey Bever | National | May 19
A woman in her 30s posed as a high school sophomore for nearly a year
Since reportedly enrolling in an East Texas high school in October, she acted like any other teenage sophomore. She made friends, did her homework, got good grades.
By Lindsey Bever | National | May 16
Ringling Bros. gets $16 million from animal activists
The company said allegations about poor animal care at the circus were unsubstantiated.
By Justin Moyer | National | May 16
Ohio appeals court tells man he can’t have more kids until he pays for the ones he’s got
'It's your personal responsibility to pay for these kids,' the judge said.
By Lindsey Bever | National | May 15
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