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09 Sep 2001 - 13 Feb 2021
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"The Einstein Syndrome is a true gem.  In addition to the latest scientific findings about late-talking children, it is packed with deep compassion, uncommon wisdom and unusually helpful no-nonsense practical advice for parents of late-talking children.  The Einstein Syndrome is that rare book that comes along every once in a while that speaks from both the heart and the mind and directly to parents of all children who are different."

-Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, 
        Yale University School of Medicine
"Often it takes an outsider to recognize a profound phenomenon that the specialists have overlooked, and The Einstein Syndrome is a prime example.  Thomas Sowell, trained in economics, famous for his political commentary, and widely honored for his magisterial works on race, culture, and history, has thrown new light on a fascinating topic that until now has been poorly documented.  As a researcher in psycholinguistics and cognitive neuroscience, I have found The Einstein Syndrome, like Sowell's previous book on late-talking children, filled with insight, acute observation, and fertile ideas for empirical researchers to test.  This is an invaluable contribution to human knowledge by one of the great minds of our time."
-Steven Pinker, Peter de Florez Professor of Psychology, MIT,
        and author of How the Mind Works and Words and Rules

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