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Introducing a New Way to Sell Virtual Goods for Games on Desktop. Today, we are announcing an update to desktop app ads that allow game developers to sell virtual goods directly from an ad in News Feed or the right-hand column. A developer with a desktop game on Facebook can now promote the sale of a virtual good, such as an extra booster pack, and gamers can purchase the virtual good directly from the ad and start playing the game..
by Pin Lu - July 10, 2014
July 2014 Developer Events for Facebook and Parse. Join us at developer events around the world.
by Nancy Xiao - July 2, 2014
App Links Reaches More Than a Billion Mobile Destinations. At f8, we introduced App Links, an open, cross platform standard for linking on mobile. Since then, hundreds of apps have adopted App Links and more than a billion unique deep links have been enabled..
by Gokhan Caglar - July 1, 2014
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