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15 Dec 2013 - 29 Jun 2015
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Eleven people, including a soldier, wounded in Diyala province.
17/12/2012 11:00:00
Baquba / NINA / 11 people were injured, including a soldier, in two car bombs and three improvised explosive devices, in different parts of Diyala province on Monday 17, Dec.

A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /: "Two people were wounded when a car bomb went off in Bani Saad district, south of Baquba, and 3 others wounded in a car bomb in Edhaim district north of Baquba."

He added: "4 people were injured when a roadside bomb went off in Balad Ruz, while a soldiers was wounded when a roadside bomb, targeting an army patrol went off , in Kana'an area east of Baquba, and a civilian was wounded when a roadside bomb, planted on a farm road in the village of the Amkhesa, of Abe Saida ." / End

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