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10 Oct 2014 - 29 Jan 2016
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169 Killed Across Iraq As Bombs Return to Baghdad
by Margaret Griffis, October 07, 2014
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At least 169 people were killed and 55 were wounded across Iraq on Tuesday. Also, Canada​‘s parliament has authorized airstrikes in Iraq.
The strategic value of water in Iraq has made it one of the favorite weapons of the Islamic State. Not only do they continue their attempts to control the Mosul and Haditha Dams, they have also been diverting water away from villages that refuse to come under their control. And, they also are demolishing levees in order to flood villages and fields.
In Baghdad​, a car bomb killed 13 people and wounded 31 more in Mashtal​.
Twelve civilians were killed in an airstrike in Rabeaa​.
A couple of explosions killed 12 volunteers near Baquba​.
Three people were killed and 11 more were wounded in Falluja during shelling. Fifteen militants were killed or wounded in an airstrike.
In Mosul, a roadside bomb killed a civilian and two militants​. Militants executed four young men.
In Tikrit, bombs killed eight volunteer fighters. Four dumped bodies were found.
In Hit, militants prevented the delivery of food to residents and chased many of them out of town. A suicide bomber killed three volunteers and wounded three more. Seven militants were killed in a clash following the bombing.
Militants killed a woman and are holding seven more in Saidiya​.
Gunmen in Muqdadiya killed a civilian.
Eight volunteer fighters were killed and 10 were wounded during a suicide attack on Samarra​.
Two soldiers were executed in al-Alam​.
Peshmerga liberated a few villages in the Zumer area.
Thirty militants were killed in Ramadi​.
Twenty militants were killed in Albu Altha.
An airstrike in Khalis killed eight militants​.
Security forces killed eight militants in Jurf al-Sakhar​.
In Haditha​, five militants were killed.
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Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.
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