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03 Feb 2012 - 29 Oct 2016
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Kobani Kurds gain ground against ISIL
‘Al-Aqsa Mosque must be protected’
Vigil for Sheikh Nimr held in London
‘Half of ISIL leaders killed in Iraq’
Ebola outbreak in Senegal ends: WHO
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Fresh clashes erupt in Hong Kong
Tensions are once again running high in Hong Kong as clashes have broken out between police and anti-election law demonstrators near a protest camp.
Obama is a 'psycho': Donald Trump
American billionaire Donald Trump has strongly criticized President Barack Obama for his handling of the Ebola crisis, questioning his mental state.
18 killed in Benghazi fierce clashes
At least 18 people have lost their lives in fierce street battles in Libya’s northeastern city of Benghazi.
5% of Americans hold 63% of wealth
The US Federal Reserve chair has expressed concern about increasing wealth inequality in the US, saying the richest five percent of Americans hold 63 percent of the country’s wealth.
Houthis capture key town in Yemen
Fighters from the Shia Houthi Ansarullah movement have driven the al-Qaeda-linked militants out of the strategic town of Rada' in central Yemen.
Putin urges EU gas loan to Kiev
The Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Europe to provide Ukraine with a loan so that Kiev can cover its gas debts.
Ron Paul: Hillary ‘pro-war, pro-Fed’
Ron Paul says Hillary Clinton would be a pro-war, pro-military-industrial complex and pro-Federal Reserve president.
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