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Wednesday October 22nd, 2014
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Initiative produces biodiesel from used cooking oil
Marwa Morgan  /  October 20, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Green Pan collects used vegetable oil from restaurants, hotels and houses to produce up to 2 tonnes of biodiesel daily
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University students creating and launching android apps
Daily News Egypt  /  October 20, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
TREE student programme training undergraduates to produce mobile applications
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Reshaping body image
Daily News Egypt  /  October 18, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
A student uses her talent to draw portraits for overweight girls showing them wearing bright colourful dresses, bikinis, skinny t-shirts, encouraging a more positive self-image
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Struggling for Vegetarianism
Aya Nader  /  October 2, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Vegetarians subject to social pressure in Egypt
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Egypt’s alternative therapists
Daily News Egypt  /  September 29, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Energy therapy techniques are used to treat most of psychological and organic diseases such as depression, diabetes, cancer, scoliosis and back pain and many others
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Students propose recycled building material as solution to slum housing problem
Marwa Morgan  /  September 25, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Development project aims to build a community centre out of cheap, durable material
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British embassy gives vulnerable children a sheep as a gift
Daily News Egypt  /  September 25, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Ambassador hosts 50 children from Cairo-based NGO in his official residence
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Giving eyeglasses a ‘second life’
Marwa Morgan  /  September 22, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Bassita launches a campaign, sponsored by Baraka Optics, to help artisans who cannot afford to buy eyeglasses
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Egyptian diver breaks world record for deepest scuba dive
Daily News Egypt  /  September 22, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Ahmed Gabr reaches depth of 332.35 metres in 14 hours
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In Pictures: Little Damascus of Cairo
Jihad Abaza  /  September 18, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Syrian refugees in 6th of October City create a market of Syrian goods and food
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150 days around Egypt
Marwa Morgan  /  September 15, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
University student to spend five months travelling over 8,000 kilometres by bicycle and film his journey
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“The Ice Bucket Challenge” inspires a solidarity campaign with Gaza
Marwa Morgan  /  September 8, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Instead of ice water, a stand-up comedian used sand and dust to raise awareness about the Gaza situation
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A wise man’s advice on love through theatre in medieval Cairo
Daily News Egypt  /  September 8, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Director Hani Afifi and dramaturge Karim Arafa base their play “About Lovers” on Ibn Hazm’s famous book “The Ring of the Dove”, on the art of love
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Rolling with Cairo’s first roller derby team
Daily News Egypt  /  September 4, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Interview with Angie Marie, co-founder of CaiRollers
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Cosmetic surgery: Between medical ethics and ‘posthumanism’
Marwa Morgan  /  September 1, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  3 Comments
Surgeons are part of system promoting “a culture that pathologises the body”, experts say
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‘Out of Place’: The Palestinian definition of home
Marwa Morgan  /  September 1, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  1 Comment
Violent experiences of losing home leave Palestinian families with “contradicting emotions” and almost no unity between definitions of home by each family
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The food explorer
Daily News Egypt  /  August 28, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  1 Comment
Cairene sets out to find and review Egypt’s best eats on new website “MostakshFood”
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Are youth more vulnerable to mental health problems?
Marwa Morgan  /  August 28, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
20% of the world’s population of youth between 14 and 24 suffer from mental health conditions, according to a UN report
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AUC students aim to turn ‘Trash into Cash’ in Cairo slum
Marwa Morgan  /  August 21, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  3 Comments
Project draws inspiration from a similar recycling model applied in the Zabaalin community, which has managed to create a “self sustaining recycling system” that recycles approximately 80% of collected trash
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Making a living on the street
Daily News Egypt  /  August 21, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  3 Comments
92% of Egypt’s 5 million street vendors operate without a license
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AIDS-related deaths double in Egypt
Daily News Egypt  /  August 17, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  2 Comments
Less than 20% of infected Egyptians have access to treatment, according to a new report from UNAIDS
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One year after Rabaa dispersal, Egyptians wrangle psychological trauma
Marwa Morgan  /  August 17, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  2 Comments
In the aftermath of violence, people are more prone to isolation, depression, sleep disorders or even substance abuse, experts say
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Taking the plunge: Egyptian to dive for world record
Marwa Morgan  /  August 11, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  5 Comments
Diver Ahmed Gabr is preparing for a 350-metre dive in Dahab in September – 31.5 metres deeper than any diver on record
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In Egypt, rich and poor equally likely to be overweight
Marwa Morgan  /  August 11, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  3 Comments
As opposed to most low-income countries, there is no link between socioeconomic status and the prevalence of obesity in Egypt, according to a new study
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Are arranged marriages less happy?
Marwa Morgan  /  August 4, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  18 Comments
A new study suggests women who choose their own husbands experience higher levels of marital satisfaction and are less likely to experience partner violence – but not all experts agree
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Ramadan desserts go global
Menna Zaki  /  July 27, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  No Comments
Egyptian pastry chefs, have started putting this twist on traditional Ramadan desserts such as Konafa and Atayef, a trend driven, in part, by creative marketing, and reflecting changes in the Egyptian diet.
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Made in Prison
Marwa Morgan  /  July 24, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  2 Comments
A dental student arrested during anti-coup protests at Al-Azhar University is making and selling handbags from prison
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Gallup ranks Egypt ‘third most negative country’, but silver linings remain
Daily News Egypt  /  July 24, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  1 Comment
Amid political turmoil and economic uncertainty, what makes Egyptians feel optimistic?
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New app fights black market pharmaceuticals
Daily News Egypt  /  July 21, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  1 Comment
A group of young Egyptian programmers, who call themselves GENU, has developed a smartphone application that can differentiate between genuine and fake drugs
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Ramadan beneath the surface: Fish at Farag since Farouk times
Daily News Egypt  /  July 21, 2014  /  Lifestyle  /  1 Comment
Ramadan provides an annual opportunity for restaurants to show off their best meals for the hungry, fasting crowd. The food business thrives as customers line up to find a seat in dinner halls, fast food outlets and “shaaby chic” kitchens. But there are other establishments to choose from once you’re done with lengthy family dinners at home: local places only known by name and neglected by reviewers. We, a meat-loving Egyptian and a flexible vegetarian foreigner with a shared love of food, go on a culinary quest through the streets of Cairo to experience Ramadan beneath the surface.
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