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17 Apr 2014 - 06 May 2021
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Dennis Ross's Recipe for Disaster in the Middle East #ArabAwakening
As US and European patrons look on, petro-dollars and manufactured anarchy may succeed in delaying change in the Middle East, but not in the long run, writes Soumaya Ghannoushi
Soumaya Ghannoushi
Nothing about us without us: The token Palestinian and authentic narrative#Occupation
Western intellectual spaces largely exclude Palestinians from their own story or shaping their own discourse . They become convenient fodder
Ramzy Baroud
The search for progress in EU-Turkish relations​#TurkishPolitics
European Commission 'progress report' on Turkey's EU membership risks missing opportunity to overcome impasse
David Barchard
Turkey’s new war powers may not be in time to help Kobane
Kobane’s fate now looks almost irretrievable, with IS forces and tanks closing in and fighting taking place at the outskirts
David Barchard
Palestinians face housing crisis as Jerusalem settlements thrive #Occupation
Once the cultural and economic heart of Palestine, East Jerusalem is suffering from a severe housing crisis after decades of neglect and discrimination in planning and building
Charlie Hoyle
What a billion Muslims think #Religion
Our collective ignorance distracts and diverts us from what truly fuels many in the Middle East to hate the West
CJ Werleman
This war is not aimed at Islamic State, but at Assad #IslamicState
Even the politicians who support airstrikes admit they have no chance of defeating Islamic State. So what are they doing?
Dan Glazebrook
What the Unit 8200 letter reveals about the occupation #InsideIsrael
The reservists’ refusal to serve in the occupied territories reveals the ethnic and class divisions that lie at the heart of Israel’s policy on Palestinian issues
Noam Sheizaf
Maryam al-Mansouri in imperial context#IslamicState
A 35-year-old female pilot from Abu Dhabi, Mansouri was reported to have led F-16 airstrikes against IS targets in Syria
Belen Fernandez
Abbas challenges the Israeli left
The immediate reaction to Abbas' "genocide" speech was all-out Israeli condemnation, but maybe he is shaking up some old concepts
Meron Rapoport
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