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23 Jun 2006 - 18 Dec 2021
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Event: Regulating the Digital Economy
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On Tuesday, September 30, Democracy and the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy hosted a lively discussion on how progressives should approach regulation in the age of Uber, Airbnb, big data, high-speed broadband, and relentless innovation.
Brookings Institution Hosts Discussion on “Reformicons”
Brookings Institution: On June 26, Brookings hosted a panel discussion on E.J. Dionne’s “The Reformicons,” featuring Dionne, Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review, and Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute.
Aspen Institute Event on National Service
Aspen Institute: On June 4-6, the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project hosted a summit, “Our Unfinished Work,” in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on the subject of national service in the United States. The event coincided with the launch of the Summer Issue of Democracy, which featured a symposium on national service.

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