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13 Apr 2014 - 06 May 2021
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Free Syrian army to send military aid to Kobane
Syria 'barrel bomb strikes' kill 10 children, 5 women in Aleppo
Five Lebanon troops wounded in Tripoli clash
Who are Tunisia's potential kingmakers?
Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli forces in West Bank town of Silwad
Attacks in Egypt's Sinai kill 31 soldiers, Sisi calls emergency defence meeting​#SinaiCrisis
A car bomb killed 28 soldiers and gunmen shot a further 3 in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid on Friday afternoon
Ordinary life grinds to a halt in Egypt’s Sinai
Raw video footage from Egypt's Sinai
Exclusive: Blood in the Sinai sand
In Depth
Why is Ennahda not fielding a presidential candidate in Tunisia?
Why Israel looks set for an early general election
Police brutality barely mentioned at Tunisia’s elections campaigns
Morocco's hidden fossil treasures under threat in desert town
Egyptian courts in peril
Voices from Tunisia: How will you vote in the parliamentary elections?
Visualising Israel’s E1: The view from Nakhayleh
Israel risks turning al-Aqsa into powder keg
Wladimir Van Wilgenbur and Vager Saadullah
Thinking the unthinkable: Protecting Palestinians​#Occupation
Gregory Shupak
Jerusalem on the brink #InsideIsrael
Meron Rapoport
IS, Kobane and the gains on the Euphrates river front #IslamicState
Bill Law
Fearmongers are us: The Worldwide Caution#Variety
Belen Fernandez
Why the Houthis are taking a leaf from Hezbollah’s military playbook #InsideYemen
Shane Farrell
Disorganised reflections at al-Shejaiya ruins#GazaAftermath
Haidar Eid
Here are seven worst-case scenarios in a part of the world where the worst case has regularly been the best that’s on offer
The hope of uniting this fractured nation remains elusive, as protests against Houthi armed militias grow so does the hint of sectarian violence
Internal Kurdish struggle on the streets of Turkey
Clashes portrayed as confrontations between police or IS supporters and Kurdish demonstrators, involve historical Kurdish struggle
Director Suha Arraf and actress Maria Zreik discuss the controversy surrounding their latest film and what it means to a Palestinian citizen of Israel
Top Topics
Disorganised reflections at al-Shejaiya ruins
Hamas says Israel 'foot-dragging' over Gaza siege
In pictures: Gaza's 'blockade grinders'
Free Syrian army to send military aid to Kobane
IS halts Kobane advance following heavy air strikes: US
US-led strikes kill more than 500 militants in Syria
Who are Tunisia's potential kingmakers?
Six dead as police storm besieged Tunisia house
Tunisia female candidates seek a 'motivational model'
What could possibly go wrong in the war on IS? #IslamicState
Peter Van Buren
US investing in junk armies #IraqatWar
William J. Astore
The Palestinian fight to be heard ‘down under’​#GazaAftermath
Jeremy Salt
Gallery: Palestinians find new methods of rebuilding the Gaza Strip
Gallery: A street in Syria's Aleppo
Right topic
The inevitable: Erdogan supports the anti-IS alliance
What the Unit 8200 letter reveals about the occupation
The sour taste of milky pudding: The cost of living in Israel
Diplomatic recognition: The road to peace
Abbas UN speech 'offensive', says US
Nuclear inspection of Israel rejected
Clueless: America's ignorance of the Middle East will shock you
ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State: What's behind the group's many names?
Gaza's Christians and Muslims grow closer in defiance of Israeli attacks
Israeli jets destroying Gaza water and sewerage systems: officials
Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in daily contact over Gaza
Live blog: Gaza under attack
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