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01 Nov 2014 - 14 Jan 2020
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Irish Senate calls for recognition of Palestine
Motion calls on Irish government to 'do everything it can to help secure a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'
A general view of Leinster House which houses the Seanad chamber, also known as the upper house of the Irish parliament, is pictured in Dublin, Ireland, on 2 October 2, 2013 (AFP)
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Thursday 23 October 2014 21:44 BST
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Thursday 30 October 2014 12:00 GMT
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The Irish Senate has called on the government to recognize the State of Palestine.
Just weeks after British lawmakers also voted to recognise Palestine, Ireland’s upper house of parliament passed the motion without a vote.
However, as in the UK, the motion is non-binding and symbolic. 
The motion said: "Seanad Éireann calls on the Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine and do everything it can at the international level to help secure a viable two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."  
The motion was proposed by Irish conservative party Fianna Fáil’s Averil Power and was signed by 31 of the upper house’s 60 members.
Power proposed the motion and criticised Israel, saying it was operating an "apartheid regime." She said it was important that the international community "send out a clear message of support for the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination."
Before the vote the Israeli ambassador to Ireland said he had contacted senators to urge them to vote against the motion.
"Stunt gestures such as recognising 'Palestine' unilaterally are counter-productive because they only provide excuses to those on the Palestinian side who hope to achieve their goals without talking directly with Israel," the Israeli ambassador said in a statement. 
Israel tweets back
The Israeli Embassy also tweeted a series of messages on Thursday saying, "Today, a Palestinian man murdered a 3 month old Jewish baby in Jerusalem. And yesterday the Irish Seanad has passed a motion... calling on the Government to recognise the state of Palestine without direct peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians... Just imagine if any country would have recognized one of the sides in Northern Ireland... before the peace process started in Belfast and equal esteem had been agreed upon..."
Freda Hughes, spokesperson for the Irish solidarity campaign with Palestine, commented: "We welcome this move on behalf of Seanad Eireann which follows on from recent votes in the British and Swedish parliaments. This is an important expression of support for Palestinian statehood and peace in the region in a highly symbolic, yet extremely effective, manner."
 "While symbolic actions such as this recognition are important and welcome, they are not a substitute for concrete and meaningful action," Hughes added.
The solidarity campaign continues to urge the Irish government to impose political and economic sanctions on Israel until it ends its occupation of Palestine and abides fully by its obligations under international law.
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on October 3 that his country would be the first in Europe to recognize the State of Palestine.
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Hamas says Israel 'foot-dragging' over Gaza siege #GazaAftermath
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Carlos Kort
25th October 2014
The iligal treatment from Israel toward the Palestinian is no longer tolorable. Israel is an oppressing and an racist regime, whom un plus is ******** the land of the Palestinians, and still waging constantly a war with heavy weapons against, civilians, old men and women and school children. keeping the ambulances from doing there work, so that the amount of casualties will be as high as possible. what devils are the Israelis. Palestine should be free and decide there own affairs without Israel, whom is not interested in peace or what so ever. Israel don`t see the Palestinians like human beings, that is racisme from the worst kind. Shame on Israel and I would like to see more courages country like Sweden and Irland to stand up against , Israel and put heavy sanctions as long they keep blocking the Palestinians to live a normal human life that they deserve. Israel should be held accountable for all the damages and murders of innocent human lifes, and should be punished by the world community for violating the ***** and the rights of Palestinian people...Cajosch
Justice for all
28th October 2014
The situation in Palestine is not confined to acts of violence only, it is also about the on going threat to the Human Rights Movement and International Law. The International Community including Australia and England must find the political will to convince the U.S to allow action against Israel for it's non compliance of Resolutions and war crimes with the same endeavour as they have done (except when Israel is involved) with others ( again except when Israel is involved) have acted in like manner. For not to do so places the whole structure of the U.N, together with International Law and Human Rights Conventions, that so many have fought and **** for in jeopardy and price of doing that is a price too high to pay
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