17 Mar 2014 - 19 Mar 2016
UX Research Sign-up Survey
Welcome to the Google User Experience Research Sign-up Survey
Please fill in this form if you're interested in participating in Google User Experience research studies. The first section 'About You' is required for registration.
After you register you'll see our survey. Those questions are optional but note that the more sections you complete, the easier it is for us to match you to suitable studies and the more likely it is you'll be invited to participate.
You must be at least 18 years old to participate in Google user research.
Google will use your personal information only for purposes of user research. For details on how Google treats personal information from users, read our privacy policy which you will be taken to have agreed to when you submit your information to us via this form.
Frequently Asked Questions such as:
  -What am I signing up for?
  -What sort of people are you looking for?
  -So what would I do in the different types of studies?
  -I don't live near Google’s headquarters. Can I still sign up?
  -What’s in it for me and how soon will you contact me?
  -What's the time commitment?
  -I don't use any Google products. Can I still sign up?
  -Once I sign up, how do I update my contact information or opt-out?
 Questions marked with * are required.
First name: *
Last name: *
Email address: *
 Your personal one, if you have a separate work email.
Contact phone number: *
 Home or mobile - whichever is best for reaching you.
Age Group: *
Country: *
Select the country where you live. Select "Other" if it is not listed.
City or Town: *
How would you like to participate in our studies? See our FAQ for more details about what's involved in each format.*
Mark all that apply.
I'm willing to visit a nearby Google office to participate in a study.
I'm willing to participate in a study remotely using my computer and phone.
I'm willing to have a Google researcher come visit me.
Do you have any of the following connections to Google?
Mark all that apply.
I currently work at Google.
I worked at Google in the past.
I have an immediate family member who works for Google.
I have a close friend who works for Google.
None of the above.

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