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6 Jan 2008 - 8 Jan 2015
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   Baghdad, Iraq for public transport 46.5 51.15       
Iraq Stocks Exchange
Last Session Date 06/11/2014
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Babylon Bank0.40.44-10
Bank of the Tigris and Euphrates0.630.69-9.52
Baghdad Soft Drinks2.252.35-4.44
Babylon Hotel7072.9-4.14
Commercial Bank of Iraqi0.650.67-3.08
Iraqi dates1.111.14-2.7
Gulf Commercial Bank0.860.88-2.33
Dar es salam Investment Bank0.930.95-2.15
Middle East Investment Bank0.650.66-1.54
ELectronic Industries1.51.52-1.33
Al-Mansour Bank0.780.79-1.28
Mamoura Realestate Investment4.54.55-1.11
Credit Bank Of Iraq11.01-1
North Bank1.081.09-0.93
Kharkh Tour Amuzement City6.056.1-0.83
Bank Of Baghdad1.561.57-0.64
Mansour Hotel25.926-0.39
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Baghdad, Iraq for public transport51.1546.59.09
Ashur International Bank0.840.778.33
Sumer Commerical Bank1.080.998.33
National Chemical Industries0.760.733.95
National for Tourist Investment17.617.063.07
Al-Ameen for Insurance1.951.92.56
Iraqi Agricultural Marketing Meat65.91.67
Al -HiLal Industries0.670.661.49
Ready Made Clothes43.951.25
Palestine Hotel1615.90.62
Iraqi Agricultural Products12.512.450.4
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Iraqi Land Transport=1.61.60
Modern Paint Industries=1.211.210
Investment Bank of Iraq=0.840.840
AL-Sadeer Hotel=30300
Baghdad Hotel=10.510.50
Ishtar Hotels=42420
Karbala Hotels=1.451.450
Al-Mansour Pharmaceuticals=0.70.70
United Bank=0.710.710
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