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TRUSTe Feedback and Resolution System
Welcome to TRUSTe's Feedback and Resolution System
TRUSTe works with participants in our privacy programs to encourage them to offer consumers meaningful notice and choice in order to encourage transparency and choice.
If you have a concern about a participant in our program, you can submit a request below. This service is at no cost to consumers. TRUSTe will review your concern and we'll try to help get the issue worked out. We'll work with you and the participating company to facilitate resolution of any concerns that fall within our authority under our program.
Why TRUSTe Collects These Reports:
  • We're committed to protecting consumers under our program.
  • Consumer reports also play an important part in helping TRUSTe monitor for problems under our program. By reporting an issue, we have the opportunity to get involved and try to facilitate resolution by the company you are reporting.
  • Your report may also help improve things for other consumers who might otherwise encounter the same issue. We value reports from consumers, and appreciate your input.
  • This information is collected and used in accordance with TRUSTe's Privacy Policy.
  • If you wish to submit a report without providing your name, you can enter NoName instead of your name.
  • TRUSTe requests that you provide a working e-mail address where you can be reached, especially if there are questions or more information is needed. If you consent to TRUSTe sharing your information with the site you reported, TRUSTe will share your report and personally identifiable information with the site you reported. This is often needed in the event the site has to research account-specific issues or make changes to your data or account; such issues often cannot be resolved without being able to provide identifying information to the company you reported.
Next Steps:
If you proceed with filing a report, here's what you can expect as next steps:
  • Our system will e-mail you with an automated acknowledgment that we got the report, and will include the tracking number assigned to your report.
  • TRUSTe will then analyze the issue to determine whether it is an issue we have authority to address (this typically takes 1-2 business days, but may take up to 10 business days depending on the volume we are handling at any particular time).
  • TRUSTe may then contact you to let you know if we need more clarification from you or if the issue is outside the scope of our authority.
  • TRUSTe may then follow up with the company you reported to request that they research and respond regarding the issue.
  • You can post updates to your report via e-mail or by (optionally) creating an account at: https://feedback.truste.com
File a Report with TRUSTe
Website *
Please enter the URL without the http://. Example: www.domain.com - select your choice from the matches presented in the drop-down menu or hit the Tab key to continue with your report.
Complaint type *

Description of your issue *
Please enter the details of your complaint. This should include a clear description of the issue and the steps of how to duplicate the problem, if possible. If you wish to include an attachment, you can do so below. Do not include sensitive information such as credit card, social security number or password.

When did you contact the site you are reporting directly about this concern? *
Before you submit a complaint to TRUSTe, you should attempt to contact the site you are reporting directly to allow them to resolve your concern. Please select when you contacted the site:

What was the site's response? *
How did you contact the site? Please include as much detail as possible about their response.

What resolution are you seeking? *
Please describe the action(s) you would like the Site to take to resolve this issue.

Your email address *
If you are a registered user, please login first to submit a request. If you wish to receive a response or be reachable for questions/updates, you must provide a working e-mail address where you can receive e-mail. Please note that certain requests (such as those requiring account-specific research or changes) cannot be resolved without being able to provide identifying information to the company you reported.

Your name *
You are welcome to use your real name or use NoName if you do not wish to provide your name. Providing your name generally helps expedite resolution if the company you are reporting has to look up your specific account.

Your country *

TRUSTe may share my information to resolve my issue *
Yes, I give permission for TRUSTe to share my report and contact information with the organization named above to assist with resolving the issue.
No, I do not want my report and contact information shared (Note: this may limit the ability of the organization named above to address your concern).