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6 Jan 2008 - 25 Jan 2015
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About NINA
National Iraqi News Agency (NINA)

Nine years of outstanding, creativity and tender
In 15 October 2005, a group of outstanding journalists, armed with field experience for more than 30 years in the former Iraqi News Agency (INA), found itself qualified to establish a new news agency. This was the beginning of the National Iraqi News Agency NINA.
After the US troops entered Baghdad in April 2003, the American military ruler, Paul Bremer dissolved the Iraqi News Agency / INA /, which was the only official Agency working in Iraq since 1959 and the main news source for newspapers, television and radio stations. This act made the Iraqi arena empty from any State news agency can be adopted in transferring news to the public.
This new situation prompted a number of journalists of the dissolved Iraqi news agency, especially the distinguished and professionals in the journalistic work, to think about the importance of finding alternative agency to the / INA / to take its role in supplying the newspapers, satellite channels, radio stations and other media sources, especially with the expansion of this sector.
The National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / paved its way in the arena's events ably and became, in a short period, an important fount of news, because it was characterized by neutrality, objectivity and accuracy in the information and integrated and technical news, which encouraged many international organizations to deal and support it in its media project and adopt it as reliable news agency.
After seven months of its inception, NINA has encrypted its website and the access to the website of NINA became by a subscription fee in order to finance itself and to maintain its independence approach that adopted since its inception.
In order to expand its services to its subscribers, NINA has launched its English page in 8 June 2006, beside the Arabic page.
In 25, November 2010, NINA joined the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agency / OANA / in its meeting that held in Istanbul to occupy the seat that had been occupied by the former Iraqi News Agency / INA / before being dissolved by the authority of the American occupation and became the member 44 in this organization.
NINA participated in the 15th General Assembly of / OANA /, which was held in Moscow, along with more than / 40 / news agencies of the Asia-Pacific region.
NINA also participated in the fourth News Agencies World Congress, which was held in Riyadh in November 2013 beside 77 Arab and foreign news agencies.
NINA, within its plans, is working to expand through opening more offices, particularly in the Arab region and Asian countries. NINA has many bilateral agreements with a number of news agencies to promote the exchange news and information and access to new scientific developments in this regard.
Dozens of satellite channels, radio stations, local newspapers, media centers, foreign embassies, ministries and official institutions, in addition to a variety of political figures subscribe in NINA.
NINA covers political, security, economic, social, and sports news since its inception in all the provinces of Iraq, as it has a network of correspondents, using all the means of advanced technology in delivering news, information and reports to its subscribers honesty, sincerity and highly professional. It recorded excellence scoops in various events.
Over / 3285 / days, NINA broadcasted 443 thousands and 285 items of news, and during the period from 10/15/2013 till 10/15/2014 it broadcasted a total of 70 thousands and 285 items of news, at a rate of 140 per day, a figure should be considered as an achievement with a very little cadre compared to what was done by / INA / with more than 300 members and 40 overseas offices in various countries around the world, but did not exceed 100 items of news per- day.
NINA managed to be the first agency in Iraq and has been dealt with officially by the State and its ministries, in addition to the political movements and civil society organizations, where its news taken officially from several Arab and foreign bodies.
By its outstanding work, NINA managed to earn the respect of everyone in extreme and dangerous conditions in Iraq, especially during 2006, 2007 and 2008, where the bloody conflict between ethnic, religious, sectarian and political groups as well as foreign influence reached its peak.
NINA contributed, by its best and experienced editors, in extinguishing the temptations by staying away from the excitement and the news that fuel sectarian differences and worked to prevail stability in Iraq and to be free, united and independent.
When the organizations, supporting independent media, abandoned their support for the agency's activities due to the economic conditions experienced by the world in 2010, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, which is the only legal representative for the journalists in Iraq, took the lead in supporting this edifice, so as NINA can keep its neutral and independent approach, which is not biased, but to the citizen and the Iraqi people's suffering.
In the area of training, NINA contributed in training hundreds of journalists working in the local newspapers, satellite channels, radio stations and local media institutions and offices, along with training courses organized by the Agency, between now and then, for the students of the universities of Mass Communications in Iraqi.
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