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11 Apr 2014 - 6 Sep 2015
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Cairo Review Articles​​Cairo Review Article RSS Feed​Copyright 2014 - The American University in Cairo​After King Abdullah, Continuity​Frederic Wehrey​Despite the speculations over the effects of Saudi succession, the kingdom’s foreign policies are likely to remain unchanged and have been remarkably consistent since the reign of King Fahad bin Abdul Aziz.​Reflections of a Media Critic​Danny Schechter​The American political system is broken, and political journalism has played a part in that failure.​Egypt’s Two-Faced Policy on Human Rights​Sherif Mansour​Egypt’s attempted reconciliation with the international community and securing of foreign support, investment, and aid are not possible as long as Egypt holds at least 12 journalists behind bars.​Israel vs. Hezbollah-Syria-Iran​Rami G. Khouri​Because of the tangled dynamics of Hezbollah’s relations inside Lebanon and around the Middle East, the Israeli attack in Syria — an almost routine event in the last few decades, sadly — actually hit three targets in one, namely Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.​The Libya Conundrum​Karim Mezran ;What is happening in Libya? And how will Egypt react?​Should We Welcome, Fear or Ignore the Quartet?​Rami G. Khouri​The Quartet was a good idea that initially aimed to expand the circle of major parties that lent their weight to achieving a negotiated peace. That never happened for several reasons.