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Just Say 'No' to the AUMF!
Justin Raimondo on the Long War
The Ultimate Enemy of ISIS
Pat Buchanan says the US should stay out
5 Reasons to Reject Obama's ISIS War
Peter Certo on why to call your congressman
When I began Antiwar.com in December 1995, a Democrat named Bill Clinton was in the White House. His foreign policy was bellicose yet largely supported by the Washington establishment. As the president bombed Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Sudan, it was out of fashion to be antiwar, and opposing the U.S. Empire was left to a few "extremists" on both ends of the spectrum.
Since then, my "hobby" has blossomed into the most important and widely read pro-peace site online. Every day, our small but dedicated staff searches far and wide to find and publicize news and analysis that the mainstream media excludes.
Antiwar.com's popularity boomed in response to George W. Bush's post-9/11 global war on terror, especially his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But remember: it was U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in the 1990s and before that led to the blowback of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the accompanying assault on our liberties.
Barack Obama promised to end the worst excesses of the Bush administration. Instead, he and members of his administration led the U.S. into violent intrigues in Pakistan, Yemen, and Ukraine in addition to instigating chaos in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. Meanwhile, Guantánamo remains open, sanctions on Iran remain, and the militarization of domestic law enforcement exacerbates police brutality.
To think that people once saw Barack Obama as the "antiwar candidate."
The costs of war – in lives, dollars, and our liberties – are the same regardless of the party in power. The world needs a consistent and honest source in foreign policy reporting. That’s Antiwar.com. We are needed more than ever – and we need you to keep us afloat.
We don't have a huge staff with cushy jobs, living it up on your donations. We appreciate every penny (and bitcoin.) We work around the clock. As webmaster and general manager, I work seven days a week, from six in the morning till ten at night – and those are the quiet days.
We don't take your support for granted. Please don't take us for granted, either. While the harshest critics of U.S. foreign policy have been proven right, their voices are muted by the "mainstream" media.
Don’t let our voice be stilled. Please help us continue to expose the Empire’s lies.
Eric Garris
Founder and Webmaster
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Updated February 13, 2015 - 2:45 PM EST




The Ultimate Enemy of ISIS  by Patrick J. Buchanan
5 Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama's ISIS War  by Peter Certo
Barrett Brown's Prison Time Raises Cybersecurity, Journalism Concerns  by Tom Risen
Just Say 'No' to the AUMF!  by Justin Raimondo
NYT Whites Out Ukraine's Brown Shirts  by Robert Parry
Brian Williams Helped Pave the Way to War  by Sheldon Richman
Obama's War on Leaks Skirts the Constitution
by Philip Giraldi
NSA Spy Program So Secret Judge Can't Explain Why It Can't Be Challenged
Israel Lobby Forms 'Circular Firing Squad' Over Netanyahu Speech
9/11 Defendant Still Suffering From 'Black Site' Injuries, Lawyer Says
Barrett Brown: 'I Tried to Eat a Mouse but It Didn't Work'
Senate Approves Ashton Carter to Lead Pentagon
Fighting ISIS
Iran Commander Suleimani Says ISIS 'Nearing End'
UN Security Council Adopts Resolution Stifling ISIS, Nusra Front Cash Flows
Jordan's Air Force Resumes Raids Against ISIS
Anarchist Hackers Start Cyber War With ISIS
Military Brass Present Plan to Extend Canada's Mission in Iraq
Sydney Terror Suspect 'Tried to Join Australian Army'
57 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Stopped Short of Base Housing US Marines
US Reportedly Seeking Safe Return of Exiled Sunni Leaders to Iraq
ISIS Claims to Have Captured Israeli Arab From Jerusalem Working With Mossad
Family of Israeli Arab 'Held' by ISIS: He Went to Syria, but He's No Mossad Spy
UN Official Warns of Further Conflict in Gaza
How an Israeli Ban on Gazans Moving to the West Bank Has Kept a Married Couple Apart for the Past Three Years
Middle East
Yemen Army Base Seized by al-Qaeda Linked Fighters
EU Expected to Re-Impose Sanctions on Iranian Tanker Firm
Sale of French Jets and Frigate to Egypt as Cairo Eyes Regional Instability
Red Cross Ebola Teams in Guinea Attacked 10 Times a Month
US Troops Fighting Ebola to Leave Liberia by End of April
Thousands Flee Niger Town After Boko Haram Attacks
Inquiry Into British War Graves Attack in Libya Delayed
US Burned $20m in Tax Money on Unused Incinerators in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Insurgency Grows More Complex
Data From Seized Computer Fuels a Surge in US Raids on al-Qaeda
Pakistan Still Hunting Peshawar School Massacre Plotters
Myanmar Informs China of Fighting With Ethnic Rebels
Sri Lanka Urges UN to Delay War Crimes Report
North Korea Propaganda Slogans Urge 'Socialist Fairyland'
The War at Home
Senate Panel OKs Bill Barring Most Transfers From Guantanamo
Obama Would Veto Bill to Stop Transfers of Guantanamo Prisoners
GOP Senators Shoot Down 'Nuclear Option' to Move DHS Funding Bill
Thousands Mourn Chapel Hill Shooting Victims
Army Revokes Green Beret's Silver Star Over War Crime Charge
Wounded Warriors Treated as 'Slackers' at Hood, Bliss and Brooke Bases
Google Waited Six Months to Tell WikiLeaks It Passed Employee Data to FBI
FBI Director Says Racism Not Epidemic in Police but Is 'Cultural Inheritance' of US
Freedom of the Press
US Drops to 49th in World Press Freedom Rankings
Reporters Without Borders: New Threats Against Freedom of the Press
World Press Freedom Index 2015: Decline on All Fronts
News Organizations Back Safety Guidelines for Freelance Journalists
IMF: Ukraine to Get $40 Billion Bailout
As Part of Ukraine Deal, Russia Is to Free Imprisoned Pilot, Poroshenko Says
Watch: Ukraine MPs in Fierce Fist Fight Outside Parliament
German Police Sent to Serbia-Hungary Border to Stem Kosovo Exodus
FM: Hungary 'Cannot Afford Not to Talk to Russia'
Conditions 'Still Not Right' for Mistral Sale to Russia: Hollande
British Tank Crashes Into German Couple's Garden
Masked Gunmen Fire at Police in French City of Marseille
Senators Introduce Bill to Lift Embargo, Open Trade With Cuba
Minnesota Orchestra Will Be 1st From US to Perform in Cuba
Former Guantanamo Detainee in Argentina, Calls for Asylum
Violence Flares in Venezuela on Anniversary of 2014 Fatalities
Colombia's FARC Rebels Raise Minimum Recruitment Age to 17
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