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Arts & Sciences XIV
The Arts & Sciences XIV Collection brings together more than 125 journals devoted to the study of culture and communication, from civilization's earliest traces to the growth and governance of peoples. All titles are new to the JSTOR platform at the time of launch. Journals in the collection span 17 countries, 23 disciplines, and date back to 1839. They are drawn primarily from the fields of Archaeology, Language & Literature, Communications Studies, Asian Studies, and Political Science.

Notable Titles

Bulletin of the Asia Institute
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Arts and Sciences XIV Title List (MS Excel, 34.5 KB)
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 Titlecoveragemoving wallpublishersTitle List - discipline 
 Aboriginal History1977/01/01 - 2014/02/12ANU PressAnthropology 
 Anthropological Journal of European Cultures1990/01/01 - 2011/12/06Berghahn BooksAnthropology 
 Arabiyya1967/01/01 - 2014/05/13Georgetown University PressEducation 
 Archaeologia Austriaca1948/01/01 - 2011/03/07Austrian Academy of Sciences PressArchaeology 
 Asian Perspectives1957/01/01 - 2003/11/01University of Hawai'i PressArchaeology 
 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law1976/01/01 - 2014/07/24University of California, BerkeleyLaw 
 Bibliothäque de l_êcole des chartes1839/01/01 - 2009/10/02Librairie DrozHistory 
 Bulletin of the Asia Institute1931/01/01 - 2014/05/13Bulletin of the Asia Institute, a Non-Profit CorporationAsian Studies 
 Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute1939/01/01 - 2014/02/12Vice Chancellor, Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute (Deemed University), PuneAsian Studies 
 Cambridge Anthropology1973/01/01 - 2011/12/06Berghahn BooksAnthropology 
 Central Asiatic Journal1955/01/01 - 2013/07/09Moving Wall: 5 yearsHarrassowitz VerlagAsian Studies 
 Central States Archaeological Journal1943/01/01 - 2013/10/29Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc.Archaeology 
 China Perspectives1995/01/01 - 2014/05/27French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC)Asian Studies 
 Composition Studies1972/01/01 - 2014/10/02University of Cincinnati on behalf of Composition StudiesLanguage &, Literature 
 Critical Ethnic StudiesUniversity of Minnesota PressSociology 
 Discourse & Society1990/01/01 - 2001/10/31Sage Publications, Ltd.Communication Studies 
 Discourse Studies1999/01/01 - 2001/10/31Sage Publications, Ltd.Communication Studies 
 Education and Culture1976/01/01 -Moving Wall: 3 yearsPurdue University PressEducation 
 Ekistics1955/01/01 - 2014/11/05Athens Center of EkisticsUrban Studies 
 Esprit (1940-)1932/01/01 - 2014/07/23Editions EspritPolitical Science 
 ETC: A Review of General Semantics1943/01/01 - 2013/04/25Institute of General SemanticsLanguage &, Literature 
 Ethnicities2001/01/01 - 2001/10/31Sage Publications, Ltd.Sociology 
 Ethnography2000/01/01 - 2001/10/31Sage Publications, Ltd.Anthropology 
 Georgetown Journal of International Affairs2000/01/01 - 2014/05/13Georgetown University PressInternational Relations 
 Great Plains Research1991/01/01 - 2004/01/02University of Nebraska PressEnvironmental Science 
 gypten und Levante / Egypt and the Levant1990/01/01 - 2011/03/07Austrian Academy of Sciences PressArchaeology 
 Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies1950/01/01 - 2014/10/15Hitotsubashi UniversitySociology 
 Integration1967/01/01 - 2010/03/24Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbHPolitical Science 
 Irish Economic and Social History1974/01/01 - 2015/01/15Manchester University PressHistory 
 Journal of African American Studies1993/01/01 - 2002/06/17Springer Science + Business MediaAfrican American Studies 
 Journal of African Archaeology2003/01/01 - 2014/07/29Africa Magna VerlagArchaeology 
 Journal of Baltic Studies1970/01/01 - 2000/05/24Taylor & Francis, Ltd.Political Science 
 Journal of Basic Writing1975/01/01 - 2014/12/18City University of New YorkLanguage &, Literature 
 Journal of Chinese Linguistics1973/01/01 - 2012/10/18Project on Linguistic AnalysisLinguistics 
 Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series1982/01/01 - 2012/10/18Project on Linguistic AnalysisLinguistics 
 Journal of Civil and Human Rights2015/01/01 -University of Illinois PressPolitical Science 
 Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics1997/01/01 - 2002/06/17Springer Science + Business MediaLinguistics 
 Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe1998/01/01 - 2010/03/24Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbHPolitical Science 
 Journal of International and Area Studies1994/01/01 - 2014/03/11Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National UniversityInternational Relations 
 Journal of Linguistic Anthropology1991/01/01 - 2002/06/26American Anthropological AssociationAnthropology 
 Journal of Maritime Archaeology2006/01/01 - 2002/06/17Springer Science + Business MediaArchaeology 
 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch1960/01/01 - 2014/04/01Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong BranchAsian Studies 
 Korean Language in America1995/01/01 -Pennsylvania State University PressEducation 
 Labour, Capital and Society / Travail, capital et sociÇtÇ1968/01/01 - 2014/06/10Labour, Capital & SocietyDevelopment Studies 
 Mexicon1979/01/01 - 2012/10/18MexiconArchaeology 
 Narrative Culture2013/01/01 - 2011/08/25Wayne State University PressLanguage &, Literature 
 Native American and Indigenous Studies2014/01/01 -University of Minnesota PressAmerican Indian Studies 
 Natural Language Semantics1992/01/01 - 2002/06/17Springer Science + Business MediaLinguistics 
 Nomadic Peoples1978/01/01 - 2010/05/17White Horse PressAnthropology 
 Nomos1958/01/01 - 2014/12/05American Society for Political and Legal PhilosophyPhilosophy 
Arts and Sciences XIV Title List (MS Excel, 34.5 KB)
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