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Privacy Policy
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Effective October 30, 2014
This Privacy Policy Summary highlights how TRUSTe use the information collected through its websites and online Privacy services.
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Your data is used to provide products or services you requested, improve our services and websites, secure your data, and communicate with you about your requested products, or services. You may opt-out of receiving emails from us.
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Data Shared for Fulfillment »
Your data is shared with or collected by third parties or affiliated companies to fulfill your order or to provide services you requested.
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Tracking On This Site »
The website uses unaffiliated partners to collect data from this and other independent sites to provide you with relevant ads. You can opt-out if you do not want your data used for this purpose – http://preferences-mgr.truste.com/​.
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Privacy Concerns
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835 Market Street
Suite 800, Box 137
San Francisco, CA 94103-1905
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Control the use of behavioral advertising.
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Manage Online Tracking
Control the use of website trackers on Firefox.
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TRUSTe is the leading global Data Privacy Management (DPM) company and powers trust in the data economy by enabling businesses to safely collect and use customer data across their customer, employee, and vendor channels. Our SaaS-based DPM Platform gives users control over all phases of data privacy management from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Our DPM Services, including assessments and certifications, are delivered by an expert team of privacy professionals. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand.
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