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Global Storage Settings panel
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Note: The Settings Manager that you see above is not an image; it is the actual Settings Manager. Click the tabs to see different panels, and click the options in the panels to change your Adobe Flash Player settings.
Websites might occasionally want to store information, such as your high score from a game that runs in Flash Player or what products you have purchased, to your computer. In the Global Storage Settings panel, you can control how much disk space websites can use to store information, or you can prohibit websites from storing any information at all. (If you prohibit websites from storing information, the website might or might not function as intended.)
Use this panel to specify the default storage settings for websites that you haven't yet visited. (To change settings for websites you have already visited, use the Website Storage Settings panel.) The following list explains the storage options:
For an overview of issues related to storage, see What are storage settings? in the discussion of the Settings Manager.

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