29 Mar 1997 - 28 Sep 2022
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About Us
We are a media company that creates, edits and distributes content across multiple platforms.
Founded in 1987, Creators has been providing print and digital content to traditional media.
Times change. We evolve.
We are focused on providing awesome content and delivering it directly to you. Here is how we do it: We embrace multiple platforms so you can choose the delivery method that is right for you.
Our Brands
Creators Syndicate: We sign writers and artists who produce columns, comic strips and editorial cartoons; we then edit, sell and distribute the content to newspapers and digital outlets worldwide.
Creators Publishing: We sign writers with ideas like yours and turn those ideas into e-books.
We develop, design, edit, format and distribute. From cover art to acknowledgment, we handle every aspect of transforming your story into an e-book. You wrote the story; let us take it from here.
Facebook: Creators Publishing
Sumner Books aims to represent unique and talented authors and to make their works available in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible.
Alpha Comedy fosters a community that appreciates the best in current and classic comedy. Because Funny.
Twitter: @AlphaComedy
Facebook: Alpha Comedy
Didions Bible is an online magazine whose mission is to be as authentic and well-written as Joan Didion and as ubiquitous as a Gideons Bible.
Twitter: @DidionsBible
Facebook: Didions Bible
Creators Broadcasting Network is a podcasting network. We aim to bring you easily accessible and digestible information and entertainment in an audio format.
Twitter: @AlphaBroadcastN
Facebook: Creators Broadcasting Network
Our Culture
  • Creative — There is a revolution going on in media. We constantly ask "why" and reject irrational traditions. People's ideas are more powerful than they know, and we foster an atmosphere where innovation is paramount.
  • Collaborative — At Creators, collaboration is not a buzzword but is instead a guiding principle. Our team members work flexibly across all departments, helping one another flourish.
  • Optimistic — There are many events we cannot control; however, we can control our attitudes. We have a core belief in our abilities and those of our teammates. Attitude is the key to our success.
  • Relentless — We face a barrage of competition and challenges. Everyone gets knocked down from time to time. We are distinguished by our tenacity and commitment to improve constantly.
C-COR Award
The C-COR is Creators' quarterly award given to those employees whose work and attitude exemplify the tenets of the company's C-COR culture.
This quarter's winners:
David Yontz, Marianne Sugawara, Sheila Telle, Katie Ransom, Brandon Telle

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