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Margaret Durst: Archives
Past articles by Margaret Durst on LewRockwell.com
Don't Be Overrun by Bad Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Parasites
Margaret Durst on why probiotics are essential for life.
Do You Know Your pH?
Being acidic can cause serious health problems, says Margaret Durst.
Get Your Zip, Zest, and Zeal Back
Ditch junk food, exercise and take natural supplements to balance your brain and body, says Margaret Durst.
Discover What's Missing From Your Diet
Try supplementing green foods for 30 days and see how you feel, says Margaret Durst.
4 Basic Nutritional Supplements
They will help almost everyone enjoy better health, says Margaret Durst.
Want to Feel Better All Over?
A powerful SAM-e supplement can help joints, liver, mood, and much more, says Margaret Durst.
If You Can't Pronounce It
Don't eat it, says Margaret Durst.
Do You Need a Powerful Anti-Aging Tonic?
Try this old folk remedy – bee's milk, says Margaret Durst.
Have You Ever Done a Parasite Cleanse?
No? Then there's a high probability that you've got some, says Margaret Durst. And they're not on the government payroll.
Would You Like To Lose Weight?
Then it's time for a spring cleaning, says Margaret Durst.
Can Your Diet Cause Depression?
Margaret Durst on ending the carb cravings that sabotage your health and wellness.
Too Much Is a Very Bad Thing
Margaret Durst on the importance of lowering your homocysteine level.
3 Essential Building Blocks
Your body can't make them, so you'll have to take them, says Margaret Durst.
Fix It or Just Suppress the Symptoms?
Margaret Durst on the correct approach.
To Fight Cancer, Inflammation, and So Much More
Take the wonder herb, turmeric, says Margaret Durst.
Your Body's Spark Plugs
A lot can go wrong if you become deficient in B-complex vitamins, says Margaret Durst.
Stop Arthritis Pain
Stay away from dangerous drugs, says Margaret Durst. Natural solutions work better.
See the Difference
You can improve your vision without surgery or drugs, says Margaret Durst.
Got Indigestion?
Fix it without antacids and acid blockers, which just make it worse, says Margaret Durst.
Do You Suffer from Arthritis, Allergies, Inflammation?
Try Quercetin for natural relief, says Margaret Durst.
What Does Organic Really Mean?
It's not just the absence of chemicals, explains Margaret Durst.
How To Clean Your Blood
Purifiers are good for anything that ails you, says Margaret Durst.
Be Healthy For Years to Come
Margaret Durst on the 5 strategies.
We Need Cholesterol
Margaret Durst on why it's so beneficial.
Predicting Your Risk of a Heart Attack
Margaret Durst on the natural ways to prevent it.
Why Are You Deficient in Chromium?
Take some to lose weight, increase muscle, says Margaret Durst.
Is It a Learning Disorder or Poor Diet?
Margaret Durst on sugar, food allergies, preservatives, and additives.
Reject the Standard American Diet!
Margaret Durst on why it's the underlying cause of our worst health problems.
Another Good Fat!
Margaret Durst on how lecithin lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
How I Saved My Life
Natural-health expert Margaret Durst talks to Lew Rockwell about how you can, too.
Be Alert, Optimistic, Calm, and Resourceful
Margaret Durst on the amino acids that balance our brain's chemistry.
When Free Radicals Become Dangerous
Grab your antioxidants to repair their damage, says Margaret Durst.
Need Some Energy?
Here's how to get it, says Margaret Durst.
What's a Vitamin?
Margaret Durst clears up some confusion about these vital nutrients.
Prep Your Body To Fight Off the Flu
Watch out for decreased immunity, and build yours up, says Margaret Durst.
Your Body's Building Blocks
Margaret Durst on the critical importance of L-amino acids.
Are You Growing Yeast?
Most men and women are, but its very disagreeable symptoms can be eliminated naturally, says Margaret Durst.
Normal May Not Be Good Enough
Blood checks are cheap, preventive medicine, if you look carefully at the numbers, says Margaret Durst.
Got Padding Around the Middle?
GLA can help burn it off, says Margaret Durst.
End the Allergy Suffering
With safe, natural quercetin, says Margaret Durst.
How Do You Know It's Enough?
Margaret Durst on getting the right amount of hard-working fiber in your diet.
They Wreak Havoc on Your Health
Get rid of the hormone-like chemicals in your food supply, says Margaret Durst.
Have More Energy, Think Clearly, Sleep Better
Clean your body. It will thank you, says Margaret Durst.
How To Grow Strong Bones
With the right balance of minerals, vitamins, diet, and pH.
7 Question Health Quiz
Find out if your system needs a clean-out, says Margaret Durst.
Why Is Insulin Resistance So Dangerous to Non-Diabetics?
Margaret Durst explains the harm, and tells us how to help control it.
The Energy Antioxidant
Margaret Durst on why everyone needs CoQ10, especially as we age.
Cheap, Natural, and Good for Just About Anything
Margaret Durst on raw apple cider vinegar, the ancient tonic for many chronic ills.
The Great Alkalizing Mineral
How potassium makes your body work right.
Big-Medicine's 'Gateway' Disease
Yet, there are many safe, natural alternatives to dangerous drugs, says Margaret Durst.
Bottom of the Alphabet, Top of the Essentials List
Margaret Durst on your body's super-catalyst, zinc.
Get Your Good Fats!
Margaret Durst on the wonders of Omega 3's, and the perils of the 6's.
Don't Be Put Off by the Long, Latin Names
Homeopathic remedies are cheap and effective, and have no bad side effects, says Margaret Durst.
DIY DNA Repair
Go to work on yourself before a serious illness develops, says Margaret Durst.
Turn on Your Longevity Genes
Super-antioxidants are the key, says Margaret Durst.
The 9 Commandments
Margaret Durst on easy-to-follow rules for a naturally healthier life.
Clean Out the Toxins
Margaret Durst on the wonders of seaweed and algae.
Can You Name the Only Internal Organ That Regenerates Itself?
Margaret Durst on how and why you must take good care of your liver.
Youth – Could You Use a Little?
Margaret Durst on how to look and feel younger.
You Are What You Eat
And your health or lack of it depends on your digestion, says Margaret Durst.
Try These for 90 Days and See the Difference
Margaret Durst on basic nutritional supplements for everyone.
Tired, Irritable, Gaining Weight Around the Middle?
Time to overhaul your lifestyle, says Margaret Durst. You may be insulin-resistant.
It's Good for Almost Anything That Ails You
Margaret Durst on the ancient medicinal miracle of Aloe Vera.
Vital Organs
Your kidneys purify 100 qts. of liquid each day, says Margaret Durst, so care for them – naturally.
For Clear Arteries and Strong Bones
Take this powerful but little-known antioxidant, says Margaret Durst.
Is There Hope for Neuropathy and Retinopathy Sufferers?
Margaret Durst on promising natural remedies.
Is It Hurting Your Health?
Margaret Durst on magnesium deficiency.
Look at Your Blood Work With a Critical Eye
Normal-range results don't guarantee good health, says Margaret Durst.
New Year's Health Resolutions?
Good to make, but hard to follow without a plan, says Margaret Durst.
An Aspirin a Day? No Way
Margaret Durst on 4 natural, safe alternatives.
Want To Stay Well This Winter?
Margaret Durst on building up your immune system.
A Very Old Remedy That Still Works Wonders
Margaret Durst on cheap, simple castor oil packs.
Body Fat
Margaret Durst on why we have it, and what to do about it.
How to Recover From Thanksgiving Dinner
Take enzymes, says Margaret Durst.
Good Carbs, Bad Carbs
Margaret Durst on the Glycemic Index, and the best healthy foods.
We May Age, But We Still Want To Play
Margaret Durst on sports supplements to stay active naturally.
How Did Jack LaLanne Remain an Ironman into His 90's?
Was it juice therapy? It can heal and refresh your body, says Margaret Durst.
Naturally Good Food and Medicine
Margaret Durst on how herbs nourish, cleanse, and balance the body.
Home Remedies
A very useful list of natural solutions.
Silver: More Precious Than You Think
It's a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicine, says Margaret Durst.
Build Your Flu Arsenal
Be ready at the first sign of a cold or worse, says Margaret Durst.
Hope You Never Get This
The symptoms of leaky gut are awful, says Margaret Durst, but fixable naturally.
No, You Don't Have to Lose It With Age
Fuel your blood and brain to stay mentally sharp, says Margaret Durst.
Celebrate the Free Market in Vitamins and Supplements
Margaret Durst on the fight to protect our freedom of choice.
It's their quality, not their density, that counts. Margaret Durst on keeping them strong.
The Keys to Good Health?
They're prevention, says Margaret Durst, and eliminating nutritional deficiencies.
Detox, Detox, Detox!
Margaret Durst on clearing-up a host of health issues caused by accumulated toxins.
Your Gallbladder May Have Problems
And you may not know it. Margaret Durst on what to do.
The Symptom of All Disease?
It's inflammation, it's big trouble, and you can outsmart it, says Margaret Durst.
Do You Want To End Carb Cravings?
Beware of these 7 reactive foods, says Margaret Durst.
7 of My Best Weight-Loss Tips
Margaret Durst on smart ideas for reducing.
7 Steps to Successful Summer Dieting
Yes, it gets harder to lose weight as we age, says Margaret Durst, but this approach will help.
What's the Best Path to Health?
Margaret Durst on the difference between the natural and the pharmaceutical routes.
Stomach Acid Is Good for You
But 90% of the people don't have enough, says Margaret Durst. Here's how to test yourself.
How To Have Healthy, Beautiful Hair
It starts with your digestion. Margaret Durst on the nutritional fixes.
Caring For the Body's Largest Organ
Margaret Durst on your skin and your overall health.
Good Bugs = Good Health
Many unpleasant health problems can be rectified easily, says Margaret Durst.
Are You Iodine Deficient?
Margaret Durst on the symptoms, and the simple patch test.
Not Getting Enough Sleep?
There are so many natural ways to get your ZZZZZ's, says Margaret Durst.
O, A, B, AB?
Margaret Durst on reaping the health benefits of the blood-type diet.
What Toxic Chemicals Have You Used Today?
Margaret Durst on your food, home, and personal care products.
Non-Governmental Parasites
They may be the cause of many mysterious health problems, says Margaret Durst.
Time To Get Rid of the Gunk
Detox! Try some spring cleaning at the cellular level, says Margaret Durst.
Want Less Fat, More Muscle, Sharper Focus?
Margaret Durst on the impressive health benefits of l-carnitine.
Does Green Tea Rally Help Burn Fat?
Yes, and it suppresses appetite too, says Margaret Durst, and has other big health benefits.
Seeing Is Believing
Margaret Durst on natural care for your eyes.
The Healing Power of Olive Leaf
Margaret Durst on the huge impact this ancient herb can have on your health.
'Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food'
Margaret Durst on why your lifestyle = your health.
Don't Worry, Be Happy, Sleep Well
Eliminating vitamin B and magnesium deficiencies can do the trick, says Margaret Durst.
Do You Suffer From the #1 Chronic Illness?
Margaret Durst has a long list of natural remedies for joint pain.
Fatigue, Headaches, Anxiety, Weight-Gain, Insomnia?
Your adrenal glands may be stressed-out. Here's how to revitalize them, says Margaret Durst.
Systemic Inflammation
Margaret Durst on how to combat this cause of so many health disasters.
Want an Easy Way To Feel Better?
Give this up, says Margaret Durst.
Habits for a Happy, Healthy New Year
Margaret Durst on how simple day-to-day actions can have the biggest impact.
Want To Cleanse Your Liver, Colon, and Blood?
Add green superfoods to your diet for 30 days, says Margaret Durst.
Insomnia, Fatigue, Stressed-Out, Tingling Feet?
You may be deficient in B vitamins, says Margaret Durst.
Are You Drinking Dehydration Fluids?
Margaret Durst on why your body craves plain pure water.
Want To Be in a Better Mood?
Margaret Durst on how to do it.
A Modern Tool for Treating Chronic Health Problems
Margaret Durst on ancient Chinese medicine.
What Flax Seed Oil Can Do For You
It's a natural wonder for every part of your body, says Margaret Durst.
Do You Have Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency?
An adequate amount can even help with cardiovascular heart disease, says Margaret Durst.
Don't Get the Flu
Resist it with natural immune boosters, says Margaret Durst.
No Drugs Needed
There are many ways to reduce your cholesterol naturally, says Margaret Durst.
The Fingernail Health Check-Up
Margaret Durst on what your fingernails reveal, and the natural solutions.
Fight It!
There's plenty you can do to beat back middle age, says Margaret Durst.
Why Natural Health?
Because it's about staying well, not controlling symptoms with drugs, says Margaret Durst.
Fluid Dynamics
What to do when your body has too much.
Zero Zip, Zest, Zeal?
Even mild depression takes a toll on your whole body. But it's fixable, says Margaret Durst.
The Mineral that Builds Lean Muscle and Reduces Fat
The American diet is deficient in it, says Margaret Durst.
Give Your Body a Clean Sweep
Fiber is an inexpensive essential for good health, says Margaret Durst.
Cholesterol Confusion?
Margaret Durst sorts out causes and drug-free remedies.
Leaky Gut
Margaret Durst how to fix the problem and end the misery.
On Food Allergies, and Getting Well at Last
When conventional medicine failed Margaret Durst, she succeeded with the natural health approach.
Confused About Natural Weight-Loss Supplements?
Margaret Durst explains what works and how.
Helps Prevent Strokes, Alzheimer's, Atherosclerosis
Margaret Durst explains the wonders of Vitamin K.
Need More Energy, Better Sleep, Fewer Health Problems?
A spring-cleaning is the antidote to the toxic effects of the American diet, says Margaret Durst.
Health Dangers Lurk in Everyday Products
How to protect yourself.
Creased Earlobes?
Margaret Durst on what such small signs indicate about your health.
It Doesn't Have To Decline As You Age
Your brain just needs the right nutrients, says Margaret Durst.
Deadly Deficiencies in the Average American Diet
Make up for them with these three basics, says Margaret Durst.
Can You Fix Your DNA?
And turn off the gene that causes degenerative disease. Article by Margaret Durst.
You Probably Need More Stomach Acid
Margaret Durst on why, and how to get it.
Natural Relief from Pain, Burning, Numbness
And other miseries caused by nerve damage and blood sugar.
Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Your Heart
Margaret Durst on the importance of bringing your health into balance.
Live Longer Without Starving
The right antioxidants help us store less fat, decrease inflammation, and protect the heart, says Margaret Durst.
How Do I Keep My Kids (and Myself) From Getting Sick?
Be proactive with Vitamin D, probiotics, and immune boosters, says Margaret Durst.
Your Body’s Largest and Most Important Internal Organ
Margaret Durst on how to care for your liver.
Maintain Your Body's Critical Waste Filters
Margaret Durst on natural care for your hard-working kidneys.
Burn Off That Holiday Padding
Margaret Durst on GLA.
Help Your Body Deal With Fat
Margaret Durst on the powerhouse supplement, lecithin.
Struggling With Learning Disorders, Behavior Problems?
Look to diet first. Article by Margaret Durst.
A Nasty But Fixable Cause of Heart Disease
Margaret Durst on insulin resistance.
They help to clean your body and make you look and feel better, says Margaret Durst.
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