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13 Mar 2014 - 5 Sep 2021
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Thomas Sowell: Archives
When Teenage Thugs Are 'Troubled Youths'
Thomas Sowell on the mindset of the left.
Get Used to Lies
Thomas Sowell on the current country.
Not All Cultures Are Created Equal
Thomas Sowell on discussing immigration as if they were.
The Bullying Pulpit
Thomas Sowell on the tax collector-in-chief and his minions.
More Guns, Fewer Deaths
But you'd never know it from the lying media.
Words That Replace Thought
Diversity, for example.
Why's There So Little Free Speech on Campus?
Thinking's becoming obsolete, says Thomas Sowell.
Genes and Racism
What's the story?
Race Hustlers vs. the Truth
Thomas Sowell on testing disparities.
Face It
Guns save lives, says Thomas Sowell.
Intellectuals and Race
Thomas Sowell on their ridiculous and false assumptions.
Advice to the Poor
Fix your attitude, says Thomas Sowell.
Does Gun Control Save Lives?
It's the opposite, says Thomas Sowell.
Liberals vs. Blacks
On guns, says Thomas Sowell.
The Fight Against Invincible Ignorance
Thomas Sowell on guns.
Thomas Sowell's Christmas List
Of books.
Race and IQ
And the free marketplace of ideas.
What the Heck Is the Matter With Hotels?
Thomas Sowell on the expensive and inscrutable.
Will Government Euthanize You?
Certainly the rest of the system is becoming totalitarian.
Absolute Dogma
Thomas Sowell on "diversity."
Race Cards
Thomas Sowell is sick of the whole deck.
The Fallacy of Redistributionsim
Thomas Sowell on egalitarian government.
Why Blacks Were Turned Down for Mortgages
More often than whites or Asians.
Depending on Dependency
Thomas Sowell on the evil of welfarism.
A Model President
Thomas Sowell on Warren G. Harding.
Obama Is Ignorant of African History
And the slave trade, says Thomas Sowell.
Common Decency Used To Be Common in Harlem
Thomas Sowell on what changed.
News Media Propaganda
Against guns.
Don't Be Tricked
Thomas Sowell on jobs v. net jobs.
Dripping Poison in Our Ears
Thomas Sowell on Obama's rhetoric.
The Trashing of Achievement
And the triumph of envy.
'White Girls Bleed a Lot'
Thomas Sowell on race riots that you've never heard of.
Government Intervention Destroys Jobs
No matter what new lies the politicians tell.
All-Time All-Stars
Do your picks agree with Thomas Sowell's?
The Shamelessness of Political Rhetoric
And danger, too.
'Fairness' and Other Weasel Words
Thomas Sowell on a political glossary.
Obama's Immigration Ploy
Thomas Sowell on executive-order authoritarianism.
Don't Call Obama a Socialist
He's a fascist.
Lies of the Welfare State
Thomas Sowell on political prevarication.
How Do Pols Con Us Out of Our Money?
Thomas Sowell on fooling us with words.
Holder's Chutzpah
Thomas Sowell on the racial double standard at the Department of Justice.
Idiot Intellectuals
And their ideas about the poor.
A Censored Race War?
Thomas Sowell on what the media suppress.
The Criminal Gangs Called Unions
No wonder they're allied with Obama.
If You Talk Honestly About Race
You will be called a racist, says Thomas Sowell.
Who's a 'Racist'?
Thomas Sowell on the Zimmerman brouhaha.
The Menace of 'Low-Income Housing'
Thomas Sowell on yet another crime of arrogant bureaucrats.
The Invincible Dogma
Thomas Sowell on discrimination.
Did Geraldo Have a Point?
About the hoodie, asks Thomas Sowell.
Race and Rhetoric
Thomas Sowell on the truth.
Racial Quota Fallout
Thomas Sowell on Derrick Bell and Obama.
Are Black Males Disciplined Unfairly in School?
Thomas Sowell on the big hoax.
Shut Up About 'Fairness'
It's a fraud, says Thomas Sowell.
Academic Hypocrites
They criticize private employees, but treat their students like dirt.
The Evil Legacy of Teddy and Woodrow
Continued by Barack.
Circling the Drain
Thomas Sowell on Bustedfornia.
An Ignored Disparity
Apparently, says Thomas Sowell, not everyone has the ability to create wealth.
Books for Christmas
As selected by Thomas Sowell.
About Those Herman Cain Accusations
Thomas Sowell on the real scandal.
Payday Loans
We must protect this market benefit from the Left.
Black Students Beat Up Asian Students
But that is not "bullying," says Thomas Sowell.
Hating Honkie
Thomas Sowell on Eric Holder and the Department of Revenge.
'Stop Whining'?
Thomas Sowell on the State vs. blacks.
Hunger in America?
Thomas Sowell on the welfare hoax.
Are We Really Supposed To Fall for Obama's Tricks?
Yes, says Tom Sowell, but we must not.
With Charity, More Is Not Necessarily Better
Thomas Sowell on two worlds.
The Good Are Afraid of the Bad
And the bad are afraid of nothing. Thomas Sowell on English riots and American unrest.
White Liberals Lay Waste to Black Wealth
This, in turn, is an excuse for more state intervention.
Something Obama Is Good at
Fooling people who are not paying attention.
Is It Racist If Everyone Doesn't Own a House?
Thomas Sowell on another stupendous government disaster.
Forgotten Stars
Thomas Sowell on Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, and Joe Louis.
The Missing Money
Thomas Sowell on the Social Security rip-off of the young.
Destructive Government Parasites
Thomas Sowell on housing, cars, and medical care.
'White Folks' Greed'
Does it make poor people poor?
Parasitic Lifestyles
Thomas Sowell on American dependency.
Wrecking Our Children
Thomas Sowell on the "education" cartel.
Fed Up With the Fed?
You should be, says Thomas Sowell.
Walter Williams Is a 'White Racist'
Thomas Sowell on the economic analysis that drives liberals crazy.
Taxes Are the Price We Pay To Wreck Civilization
Thomas Sowell on the looters.
Eat the Government Rich?
Darn right, says Thomas Sowell.
Funny Money and Funny Statistics
Thomas Sowell on DC's version of reality.
Whites and Blacks Flee California
Whites leave MA, NY, NJ, PA. Thomas Sowell on what it all means.
Rich Liberals Despise the Poor
See the redevelopment hoax, says Thomas Sowell.
Even Crazier and More Evil Than You Thought
Thomas Sowell on the EPA.
Real Heroes
Thomas Sowell on great capitalists.
Don't Save the Housing Market
The truly deserving are those who didn't participate in the housing boom to begin with, says Thomas Sowell.
Promises and Riots
Thomas Sowell on the welfare state.
No One's Taxes Are Being Cut
While spending is going up. Thomas Sowell on devious DC rhetoric.
Christmas Books
Thomas Sowell has some suggestions.
'Up From the Projects'
Thomas Sowell on the moving memoirs of Walter Williams.
Bring it on, says Thomas Sowell.
Did the New Deal End the Depression?
Don't make Thomas Sowell laugh.
Criminal Political Fallacies
These dangerous old myths seem evergreen.
Cultural Differences Matter
They have always mattered, no matter what the multicultural cultists claim, says Thomas Sowell.
The Vice of Greed
Government greed, that is.
Politics or Gold
What's your choice?
Racial Pathology, Racial Patronage
Thomas Sowell on the electoral politics of DC.
Government Lies
They're the "money of fools," says Thomas Sowell.
You Don't Need To Be an Economist
To know that Obama will only sink us ever deeper, says Thomas Sowell.
Color Slides Are Dying
The government played a role, says 80-year-old photographer Thomas Sowell.
The Political Way of Life
Thomas Sowell on moral hazard.
Putting Obama in Charge of Life and Death
Thomas Sowell on what exactly that means.
Race, Baseball, and Baloney
Thomas Sowell on the idiocy of making an impossibility the norm.
Puffed-Up Students
Thomas Sowell on public schools, affirmative action, and trouble.
Race Hate
Thomas Sowell on Obamaism.
The Elites Are Wrong
Tom Sowell on how smart are we.
Race Card Fraud
There is not now, nor has there ever been, anything post-racial about Barack Obama, says Thomas Sowell.
Government Makes a Bad Situation Worse
Thomas Sowell on the economic disaster.
Republicans, Democrats, Suckers
Thomas Sowell on how the same old con game is played over and over in DC.
Our Right To Keep and Bear Arms
Following the Chicago decision, what can we expect?
The Slippery Slide to Tyranny
The US is on it, says Thomas Sowell.
Creating Artificial Stupidity
Thomas Sowell on the public schools.
Grads: Want To Help Your Fellow Human Beings?
Then forget "public service," says Tom Sowell, and go produce something.
Do You Have Enough Money?
The wealth-redistributionists will decide when you do.
Do You Have a Duty To Die?
Thomas Sowell on the elite's solution to the burdensome.
The Limits of Power
Even slavery illustrates it, says Thomas Sowell.
Loving Old Boxing Matches
Tom Sowell misses the old America too.
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