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RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com//​en_US​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya2015​Thu, 18 Jun 2015 17:59:39 +0200​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/App_Themes/images/logoRss.jpg​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com//​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=89c2847f-0ed0-4b79-9a1b-a29ea619b245​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=89c2847f-0ed0-4b79-9a1b-a29ea619b245​Aswat Masriya​Egypt's cabinet approves draft state budget with 9.9 pct deficit Egypt's cabinet approved on Thursday a draft of the state budget for the new fiscal year 2015/2016, with a deficit of 9.9 percent of the gross domestic product.​Thu, 18 Jun 2015 17:59:39 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=fdf426c4-bd6a-4196-8d61-216256cfeb4f​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=fdf426c4-bd6a-4196-8d61-216256cfeb4f​Reuters​REUTERS - Britain defends invite to Egypt's Sisi after Mursi death sentence​The British government on Thursday defended its plan to invite Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to visit, saying it was important to engage with countries and to raise "matters of concern".​Thu, 18 Jun 2015 15:31:42 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=34d92d93-ebbf-47a4-86e4-06576e8e5871​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=34d92d93-ebbf-47a4-86e4-06576e8e5871​Aswat Masriya​Judicial committee investigates unregistered NGOs - ministry A judicial committee which paid a visit to a domestic non-governmental organisation last week was mandated by a judge to look into unregistered bodies, the Social Solidarity Ministry said on Thursday.​Thu, 18 Jun 2015 14:16:28 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=fbe5b7c0-8e47-404e-bfed-5ec67b241a4d